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Vaishali Nikhade


Golden doors in disguise

What seems to be an ordinary decision may lead you to a cascade of golden doors...

As you grow your business, you will most likely come across multiple cross-roads on a day-to-day basis. Whether you know it or not, the Universe disguises golden doors behind these seemingly ordinary opportunities.

Whether you want to....

  • reach your next milestone in a particular time-frame, but unsure of which to go
  • negotiate a large contract, but pondering if you are leaving money on the table
  • plan out your next three-six months, but unable to distribute your limited resources
  • get new employees, but lost trust in people due to past burn-out's
  • get new business partners, but not sure if you can trust them and if things will work out
  • just wonder what will happen over the next three months and are clueless...

then, please scroll below to see what's best for you....

Coming from a left brain engineer designing computer chips, I never thought I would be working in metaphysics.

After several scientific experiments left me with my jaws dropped, I decided to pursue this path for real.....mainly for myself.

In the due course of time, I started seeing clients returning with testimonials on my readings playing out in real life...

The rest is history....whether you are left brained or right brained, I encourage you to look at things with an open mind & let the Universe reveal its evidence.....

Come & explore working with me whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate business owner.


For Entrepreneurs

For Corporations

Some client testimonials...

Unsure if you would like to work with me?

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Entrepreneurs and business owners hire me to see through the future because in today's times, most are confused, panicked and unsure.

A few client testimonials are when I prevented a client from losing an investment of $150,000 in a bad venture and another client get a $35,000 raise for bidding a contract.⁣

See detailed bio for Vaishali here.


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