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Welcome to The Uncanny link - where physics meets metaphysics.

Learn to understand the subtle signs of Universe you can use for making any decision. You'll be surprised what the Universe reveals....

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S1: EP10 Claircognizance demystified

Summary Claircognizance is to know the essence of the information without knowing the who, what, when, where, why details   Episode Transcript Hello everybody and welcome this is Vaishali and ...
written words whisper

S1: EP9 Written words whisper

Summary The energy from our thoughts get transmitted into the written word   Episode Transcript Hello everybody and welcome. This is Vaishali and today's episode is written words whisper. I ...
Clairaudience whispers

S1: EP8 Clairaudience demystified

Summary Clairaudience is like a soft whisper giving you guidance and clarity in the direction you want to move forward.   Episode Transcript Please note: Timestamps are for reference purpose ...
negotiating contracts using clairvoyance

S1: EP7 It’s all about the reference

Summary Our reference point determines our ability to look at a decision in a unique way. Mismatch in perspectives is caused by different reference points.   Episode Transcript Please note: ...
clairvoyance demystified

S1: EP6 Clairvoyance demystified

Summary Clairvoyant vision is like an ultrasound: it can innocently point to the problem area thus leaving you clues as to what to look for in making a decision. Episode ...
clairvoyant vision

S1: EP5 When metaphysics makes the decision for you

Summary The spirit has all the information to make the decision & all we do is try to justify it at a body level Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:00 Hello ...
senses of the spirit

S1: EP4 Five senses are incomplete

Summary Our five human senses are not at all complete in terms of making any decisions. Our spirit knows the information and we try to justify logically Episode Transcript Vaishali ...
subtle signs from the universe

S1: EP3 Subtle signs from the universe

Summary The Universe intervenes and introduces course corrections for us to get to our goal – in the process, it creates a unique journey for everyone Episode Notes Logical thought ...

S1: EP2 Back Story

Summary The podcast was born when the Universe intervened and delivered it right in the palm of my hand. I had no intention to start a podcast even the day ...

S1: EP1 Welcome

Summary Welcome to The Uncanny Link podcast - where physics meets metaphysics or science meets woo - the podcast that can optimize your decision making skills in just under 30 ...

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