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vaishali nikhade

Vaishali is the Go-To Expert for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to see through the future because in today's times, most are confused, panicked and unsure.

As a business psychic, she shows them how the outcome of different decisions will unfold in the future. Bottomline, you get to peek in the future by being in the present time.⁣

Getting nowhere after consulting tens of psychics, she studied and learned the subtleties of intuition. She once prevented a client from losing an investment of $150,000 in a bad venture and another client get a $35,000 raise for bidding a contract.⁣

Vaishali is the host of the podcast 'The Uncanny Link' where physics meets metaphysics or science meets woo. She has also been a podcast guest on several podcasts.⁣

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Vaishali hosts The Uncanny Link podcast.

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