The Uncanny Link where physics meets metaphysicsThe uncanny link - The Uncanny Link
The Uncanny Link


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Physics and metaphysics went on a date

  • social distancing kept them six feet separate
  • yet love was in the air
  • and together they produced a heir
  • For you, the uncanny link awaits.....

The coolest social distancing child that can talk and interconnect

  • science and spirituality,
  • natural and supernatural
  • physics and metaphysics
  • logic and woo

Come and join me to discover the journey of creation & growth of my social distancing brainchild -- aka -'The Uncanny Link' podcast....

I am a left brain engineer who transitioned to a right brain psychic. This podcast is my brainchild of combining physics and metaphysics. Come and watch the magic of how reality is interlinked in this unique one of a kind podcast....


"New year New you

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"New year New you

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