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S1: EP5 When metaphysics makes the decision for you


The spirit has all the information to make the decision & all we do is try to justify it at a body level

Episode Transcript

Vaishali Nikhade 0:00
Hello and welcome. In today's episode we are going to look at what happens when physics meets metaphysics and how this is related in terms of making decision. So what is metaphysics?

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physics deals with matter.

Vaishali Nikhade 0:22
And metaphysics is made up of two words meta and physics. Meta is a Greek word and it means beyond. So metaphysics deals with beyond physics or beyond matter. So anything which is over and beyond physics is what metaphysics means.
But what exactly is metaphysics? It depends on whom you ask. If you go to one spiritual organization versus another One spiritual teacher versus another, you will get a different definition of metaphysics and it could encompass a variety of different things.
Some of the things that metaphysics may include

Vaishali Nikhade 1:21
mysticism, meditation,

Vaishali Nikhade 1:24

Vaishali Nikhade 1:26
reincarnation, healings, astrology, spirituality, life after death, Jungian philosophy, and so on.
For the purpose of this podcast, we will be dealing with metaphysics as anything which is beyond matter, or anything which is beyond our body. And by body What I mean is physical body

Vaishali Nikhade 2:01
Our physical senses,

Vaishali Nikhade 2:03
I'll mainly be talking about the universe, our spirit and our body and their relationship to how entrepreneurs make a decision.

Vaishali Nikhade 2:16
So how do entrepreneurs make a decision?

Vaishali Nikhade 2:20
The easiest way is to start from the end. When a decision is made. Before a decision is made at the physical level, it has already been made at the spiritual level, which means the spirit has already made the decision at the spirit level, before we make a decision with our physical body, the mind will try to justify the decision.
The spirit in essence knows whether something Something is right or not. And I talked a little bit about this in the last episode,

Vaishali Nikhade 3:08

Vaishali Nikhade 3:09
I showed how the spirit and the body are involved in a human being. So how does the spirit get the information?
The Spirit knows the information through the senses of the Spirit. And as a human being, we are a spirit in a body, and most of the time the spirit is ahead of the body.
The spirit enters the mother's womb first, and then the body comes out when a baby is born. So the Spirit came first and then the body. The spirit leaves the body when we die, and then

Vaishali Nikhade 3:56
the body is laid to rest.

Vaishali Nikhade 3:59
So the spirit comes first or the spirit goes first, and then the body goes. So in essence, most of the time the spirit is ahead of the body. And the Spirit has the information and what the mind does is it tries to justify.
So there's a couple of ways the mind will try to justify a decision in particularly when something is wrong or when something is off and you have to make a decision. Some of the things that may come up at a body level when the Spirit knows that it's the wrong thing to do or the wrong path to go is, I don't feel good about it.
So I don't feel good about it. It's just an excuse, saying that you don't want to go that route because something seems to be off or something is not right. And somehow as a spirit, you know that information, but at a body level, you don't have enough physical evidence or physical information to exactly put a finger on. What is that that is off what exactly is the cause of the problem.
And later on, maybe a week, a month, down the road, you'll probably figure out all the physical stuff or the physical evidence that is involved in terms of why you didn't feel good about it.
Another common thing Someone may say is that I get sick in my stomach thinking about it, which essentially means is that the Spirit is giving you a no, or there are some red flags, and you shouldn't move forward or at least you should proceed with caution. And then at the body level, you kind of either don't do it or you try to push it off. So that could be one example.
And then, one of the things Someone may say is I just don't see it happening, which essentially means that somehow at the spirit level, you already know the answer, you already know that this is not going to happen.
Or even if we make this decision, we are not going to get what we want. So I don't see it happening. It's just another way the spirit is trying to convey the information. And that's just an expression at the body level, or from the body stating that this is what my Spirit is saying, I don't have enough information on why I feel this way or why I think this way, but I just don't see it happening.
Whenever you want something and you know, in your gut, you want it and you can't justify it. For whatever reason, maybe it's a financial thing. Let's say that you can justify spending money on it. So what you'll do is you'll decide quickly that you want to buy it? Or do you want to get it because at a spirit level, you already know

Vaishali Nikhade 7:08
that this is the right way to go. So at a spirit level, you've already made up your mind and made a decision that this is what I want.
And in this particular example, let's say there's a financial issue and you cannot justify spending on it, then you may just try to make up your mind make a decision at the body level and then you will just try to weave stories around that on why you deserve it, why should be buying get what it will do and so on.
At a spirit level, you already know that this is your next step that this is what is going to help you move forward in whatever goal it is that you are trying to reach. So how does the spirit get the information this Then it gets the information the other senses of the Spirit. And in the last episode, I talked a little bit about the sensors and the sensors.
And I'll be going into a few of the major senses of the Spirit moving forward. But essentially the spirit has what is known as sensors. Just like our body has sensors, the sensors for the vision or the eyes. The sensor for the sense of smell is the nose and the sensor for hearing are the ears.
So just like the body has sensors, so does the Spirit. And the sensors for the Spirit are known as chakras. And there are seven major chakras starting from the first chakra at the base of the spine to the seventh chakra Which is on the top of our head and it is known as crown chakra.
And each of these chakras is associated with sense. So there are six more. I wasn't planning to get into the details of each and every chakra but essentially there are three chakras.
The first chakra is at the base of the spine, the second one and the third one is just above and below your belly button. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. The fifth is the throat chakra. The sixth is the third eye a lot of what is known as the sixth sense. And it is the sixth chakra. And the last one, the seventh chakra is the crown chakra. And then then I mind the chakras. So each of these chakras is Associate Did with a sense and we'll be looking into three major senses of the spirit and the senses of the spirit or what is known as Claire and the three senses that I'll be looking into moving forward, our clairvoyance, clairaudience and Claire cognizance.
So clairvoyance is made of two words clairvoyance, which is clear vision clairaudience, clear hearing and clear cognizance, clear knowing. So in the next episode, what I'll be doing is I will be going a little bit deeper into the sense of the Spirit, which is known as clairvoyance and the ability of the spirit to be able to see with the eyes of the Spirit, the eyes of the Spirit are different than the eyes of the body.
And like I mentioned in the last episode, The Spirit does not have any bounds of space and time. So the eyes of the Spirit, they can see through space, and they can see through time. So in looking through space, you may have some people or some psychics who actually specialize in finding lost objects.
So that is essentially looking through space or seeing through space, where I can be here sitting in my room, and someone calls me and then asks me, so where did I leave my keys? I can't seem to find them. And then I use my six cents or clairvoyance.
To just find out where those keys are because the eyes of the Spirit don't have any bounds. So I can just look into where the keys are, locate them, and then just translate and give them the information on where the keys are.

Vaishali Nikhade 12:08
And there's no bound of time either. So in that sense, I can see through time, I can look at the future and predict an event or I can look at the past and also predict what has happened in the past. So when we are dealing with a decision or making a decision, the clairvoyance or the sense of clairvoyance can actually show you or give you a vision of whether a decision is going to help you move forward, or it is going to set you back.
So I'll be talking a little bit more on clairvoyance in the next episode. In the meantime, this is the homework which is if you're an entrepreneur or as an entrepreneur, have you ever made decision and then try to justify it. Because each one of us on an everyday level, or on a day to day basis, makes millions of decisions. Maybe not millions, maybe a little less, but we make several several decisions.
And sometimes it's just this one small decision, which seems seemingly insignificant, but it can turn the balance or it can be the straw that broke the camel's back. Or it can be something which gives you so much forward momentum that it can be just fuel which skyrockets things and it may seem very seemingly small and insignificant, but on a higher level, it's going to open up a lot more doors. So, as an entrepreneur, have you ever made a decision and then Try to justify it and what kind of thought process did you go through? And why did you make the decision that you did.
So what I'd like you to do is just take like one decision that you have made. And then you can carry on with this particular decision through the rest of the episodes where I'll be talking about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clear cognizance. And you'll be able to see if any of them relate to you or you can resonate with.
So just pick one decision. And then what kind of thought process did you go through and even if you're not an entrepreneur, then just pick one decision where you feel it was a major decision, and you had to go through some thought process or you just knew in your gut. So take that decision, and then just try to try to go back and see what can The thought process you went through before you made the decision. And you can go to the website, https://theuncannylink.com and just make a comment on this particular episodes notes.
And then in the next episode, I'll be looking a little bit more at clairvoyance and we'll see if clairvoyance was involved in you having to make the decision that you did, like did you have any vision? Did you have any involvement in terms of clairvoyance, guiding you to be able to make the decision that you did? So I will see you in the next episode. And I will be chatting with you at that time.

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