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subtle signs from the universe

S1: EP3 Subtle signs from the universe


The Universe intervenes and introduces course corrections for us to get to our goal – in the process, it creates a unique journey for everyone

Episode Notes

Logical thought patterns linearly outline the journey to the destination.

The Universe always creates circuitous routes, seemingly odd coincidences and logically un-thought of solutions to get you to your goal.

Episode Transcript

Vaishali Nikhade 0:03
Welcome to the Uncanny Link, where physics meets metaphysics, the podcast that can help you optimize your decision making skills in just under 30 minutes. And I'm your host, Vaishali Nikhade.

In the last episode, we saw how the podcast got the name the uncanny link. In this episode, I'll talk about how the universe gives a subtle signs to guide us along the way.

Before I transitioned in the world of intuition, and learn to exercise my right brain, I was a left brain engineer. While logical thinking was the key and focus in engineering work, it was almost a complete no no to think logically while using the right brain. However, one thing stayed the same. And that is the concept of design, tweak, measure and keep repeating it until you get to your goal.

The universe never follows the path of a straight line, you set a goal, you have an idea of how you will get there. But by the time you get there, you'll have traveled through routes you may not have imagined.

The universe in its own uncanny way will take you through circuitous routes, unthought of detours, and seemingly weird occurrences and coincidences to get you to your destination. However, there are clues all along the way. The universe offers us subtle signs to interpret its code or messages. And once we learn to tune into these messages, we learn a new language, communication with the Supreme in its highest form ever.

And once you can get to this point, all your references of looking at things will start to shift. This podcast was developed when the shelter in place was effective during COVID-19 in the state of California. To get some fresh air, I would get out of the house and go for a short hike at a trail near my place.

The trail had a peculiarity; there was a herd of sheep grazing on the mountains, along with a sheep dog. The sheep dog would control the herd of sheep in an uncanny way. If the sheep caught off course he would bark at them, and they would get back on track.

The Universe or the Creator, whatever name you may choose to call it does something similar. If we get off course, the universe will introduce a course correction; take us through a detour and bring us back on track. In the sequence of course corrections, our journey will become quite different than what we had imagined.

However, we make choices along the way. What may seem like a seemingly small decision may have large repercussions. All the decisions when taken together can be linked to one another.

The uncanny link explores the links between physics and metaphysics, science and woo, natural and supernatural. You learn from the stories of those who've been down the path, had a unique set of experiences and made it to that destination in their own unique manner.

Come and join me as we unravel how the natural and supernatural are connected. Reality is interlinked by an uncanny link; until we meet next time.

Thank you for listening. If you've enjoyed the show, please rate and comment on iTunes, overcast or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also get more information on my website, the uncanny link.com

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  1. I admire your bravery Vaishali. You are making bold claims with ambitious intensions. I look forward to the opportunity to participate.

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