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"Spring Ahead" Giveaway

Free Online event for online course creators & spiritual entrepreneurs

🎁🎄Thirteen straight days to increase your profits!

9+ free tools, templates & training to "Spring Ahead" with:
more visibility,
more authority and
more moolah in your bank account

Giveaway doors open until…


You are:
An online course creator or spiritual entrepreneur looking for:
the fastest way to the finish line to get $$ for your courses without...
paying for new courses, attending more online events or hiring more of the so-called experts.....
dreaming of the day leads start chasing you vs. you having to go after them.......


We are:
Online course creators, business leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who have niched down in our industry.......
to share our knowledge and resources on......
how to get more visible to more clients, learn new self-improvement techniqes and create more income for your business.........

Some of the media our experts have been featured in:

BRX Gray
Dr. Theresa Pantanella


Vaishali Nikhade

Business psychic

Marilyn Robinson


Latasha Jimerson


Chantal Cox


Karin Feldbaum_v2_gvwy_springahead
Karin Feldbaum


Daimon Sweeney


Sally Bendersky


Katie Cavenagh


The Spring Ahead giveaway is intended to help you 'spring ahead' your business for 2021.

Whether you are an online entrepreneur just starting out, working on your first online course or a seasoned veteran, there is a gift for someone at each stage.

Using the collaborative power of entrepreneurship, we can go much further. Don't forget to share this giveaway with your friends and on social media.

What to Expect from the Spring Ahead Giveaway:

9+ Free Gifts

Feb 24 - Mar 8, 9+ free gifts.... you can pick and choose from....choose one or many depending on what you're looking for

Clarity, Clients, Consistency

Each gift will give a clean, clear value you can take away to ramp up your business....provided you implement the teachings......

Catch-Free & Pitch-Free

No offer bombarding in your inbox during the event....sign up for whatever you like and get just that particular offer.....keep your inbox clean

Were you looking for answers to some questions possibly?

If you are an online course creator or spiritual entrepreneur who would like to up-level their business by finding simple strategies that work to increase your visibility or create more cashflow, then this giveaway is perfect for you.....
Choose any or all gifts that work best for you.....

The giveaway runs February 24th to Mar 8th. During this time, you are welcome to grab any and all the gifts that you feel would work best for you to up-level your business.

Click on a gift that you are interested in and it will open a new tab to the contributor's website with details on the gift and sign-up box.

We would totally love for you to share this giveaway with your friends.  Any of your friends who have an online business or thinking of creating one would benefit from the gifts.
You may share the url xxx with your friends who would love to get the free goodies.
You are also welcome to share it on social media.

We would totally love to have you for the next giveaway. Hit reply and send me a message to be signed up for the next giveaway in Spring of 2021.


The "Spring Ahead Giveaway" runs February 24th, through March 08, 2021, ending at midnight PACIFIC time. All "Spring Ahead Giveaway" contributors are independent business owners, and are operating with, but separately from the "Spring Ahead Giveaway" promotion.

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Spring Ahead Giveaway

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Spring Ahead giveaway

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"New year New you

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"New year New you

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