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Clairaudience is like a soft whisper giving you guidance and clarity in the direction you want to move forward.


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Hello everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is all about Clairaudience. So let's get right into it. Clairaudience consists of two words, Clair, and audience. So clair is clear, and audience is hearing or the act of hearing. It's derived from audio.

So there's two types of sound: one is the sound which is used in a normal sense or the range of frequencies which people speak and hear. And there is another sound which is the sound of the spirit and Clairaudience refers to the sound of the Spirit. So it's just like a soft whisper. So it's almost as though somebody is talking to you. But you cannot hear the human sound, but you can still hear a sound. So it's almost like a soft whisper.

Think of it as sort of ears of the Spirit where as a spirit in a body, our body is visible, and we can see it. And the spirit for the most part is not visible. So, there are exceptions to it. If you're looking at it through the sixth sense, or you have the ability to look at certain spirits or look at a spirit, then of course, the spirit will be visible; but for most normal cases, it is not visible, at least not to the naked eye.

So Clairaudience is ears of the Spirit. So somebody may just say that what if I am not clairaudient - so think of the last time that you heard some sort of a soft whisper. It's almost like a sound which is inaudible yet you hear it and it can come in a couple of forms and the most prominent forms will be warning and guidance. So when it comes in the form of a warning, it would be more like if you go down that street, there will be an accident.

And when it comes in the form of a guidance, it will be like okay, if I quit my job then how do I find my next job? So the clairaudience, or the sense of clairaudience rather will give you the suggestion of what is the next step to take in terms of finding the job or the next job or whatever work you are seeking. So if you have not noticed it, then you may want to take notice of it moving forward.

As far as the spirit muscles are concerned, the more you exercise the spirit muscles, the more refined they will get and the more you'll be able to take notice. So, initially you may just miss it or you may sort of hear it but discard it and then later on down the road when an event happens, that's when you realize that 'Oh, that's what the voice was trying to tell me.'

And, I'll just take the case of the accident, which is, maybe you heard a soft sound stating that don't go down that street, there'll be an accident. And then you went down that street anyway, and you saw the accident with your eyes. So that's when it may strike you that oh, this is what the voice was trying to tell me. So that's really what clairaudience is.

It's like a soft whisper which is trying to guide you or give you information, which you may not have awareness of at a body level. And just like anything else, when or as you exercise these muscles, your awareness will increase.

So just like all of us have different body sensors, we also have it senses and I covered it in one of the episodes, which is called the five senses are not enough. And if you haven't heard that episode, you can go back and listen to it where I discuss the senses of the body and the senses of the Spirit. In addition to that, that is an additional piece of information and this pertains to the predominant sense.

So, the predominant sense is the sense which is giving you either the most information or which you can most relate to or absorb most of the information from. For instance, if we go back to the example of the car accident, if somebody has a predominant sense of vision, then they will describe what they saw. They will say that, oh, I saw those two cars. And one of them was making the turn, and the other one just came and hit it. So that's the description of how this particular person saw the accident. And they are describing it in terms of their predominant sense, which is the vision or the eyes.

Another person may have ears or hearing as their dominant sense. And what they will do is they'll describe the same accident differently. They'll say that, oh, I was driving. And as I was at the stop sign, I just suddenly heard a huge bang. And when I looked around, I saw that the two cars had collided.

So it's the same accident. They're just describing it in a different manner. So just as you have dominant senses of the the body, you also have dominant senses of the Spirit.

And in the last episode, I covered clairvoyance and how clairvoyance works. As far as the spirit is concerned, I believe it was the last couple of episodes. So someone may not have their clairvoyance trigger as much as their Clairaudience. And why do I bring this up?

Because Clairaudience happens to be one of my strongest sense. So a lot of the information that I get, I get it through clairaudience first, and clairvoyance may strike later. And going back to the example of the accident, it is not that the guy who saw the accident did not hear the sound. It's just that he saw it first. And then he heard the sound. And in a similar manner, the guy who heard the sound also saw the accident. But he heard the sound first and then he saw it. Although it happens almost simultaneously, but it's just a notion of the predominant sense.

So depending on whom you talk to, they will report different things as to what this saw in an accident. And essentially, they have sort of conveying information on whatever their predominant sense is.

So what is the way to find your predominant sense or predominant clair? Or if clairvoyance is one of your predominant clair or clair audience is? At this point, I'm just going to take these two sensors because these are the only topics I have covered so far.

So the best way to do that is to look at turning points in your life when you have made huge changes or huge shifts. And when you have turning points in your life, it's almost always that you've used one of your clairs.

So if you've used clairvoyance, going back to the job example, you may see information in front of your sixth, chakra or sixth sense.

Giving your vision of what you need to do in terms of looking for your next job. Wheras if Clairaudience is one of your strongest sense, then you may just hear a soft whisper, as though it is answering your question of what you need to do in terms of looking for your next job.

Which means that you'll hear a voice that Oh, before you quit this job, why don't you go and interview at company ABC or if you have a couple of offers and you like one offer in particular, you may hear a sound oh if you negotiate it, maybe you can get 10% more in terms of a salary or a bonus. So this is how the senses of the Spirit work.

Mainly, it is ruled by the fifth chakra, which is also the throat chakra. And the fifth chakra has one more ability. And this ability is telepathy or spirit to spirit communication. So, there's a difference between getting a message from the spirit or the universe and spirit to spirit communication.

So what exactly is spirit to spirit communication. So we are all a spirit in a body and whenever we communicate with anyone we are communicating at a body level. When I'm speaking to you and you're listening, I'm communicating to you at a body level and you're listening at the body level, sort of not exactly, there's also the spirit involved.

But when we are looking at spirit to spirit communication, it is almost as though two spirits or two people who have physical bodies. I'm going to limit it to the example that people have physical bodies. So two people or two spirits with bodies, they can talk to each other without exchanging physical words without the involvement of physical sound, which means that even though the conversation happens, it does not happen at an audible frequency.

Or in a way that the human ear can hear. At the same time, you're still transmitting the message. That's why it is spirit to spirit communication, which is transmitting message from one spirit to another without using our physical sound. So how do you do that? So I'm going to walk you through a small example of how you can use for just maybe an experiment and do a spirit to spirit communication.

So the eyes are the windows to the soul, or it has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Which means that whenever you look into anyone's eyes, you can connect with that soul. So if you ever heard like, sometimes people say that it's love at first sight, I looked at him or I looked at her and I knew that he or she was the one. So when you look into their eyes, you are essentially looking into their soul. And the soul is same as the Spirit. It's just a different word, which means that you can engage in spirit to spirit communication.

And as I mentioned earlier, that spirit to spirit communication does not involve exchange of any physical sound, which means that you are talking to the person yet you are not talking to them. Or you can essentially figure out what the other person is thinking. That's just another way to put it. So this is how you can communicate between one spirit And another or this is how you can establish a connection. That is the first step to establish the connection with the other spirit that you want to communicate, is to look into their eyes. And because the eyes are the windows to the soul, you're establishing a connection.

And then the second time, or the second part of it rather, would be to just do your communication as though you are talking to them in a normal manner, except that you're talking in your mind or in your head and you're not uttering the physical sound.

So it's almost like you're saying something in your mind and they can hear it, which is they can hear your thought or they can hear what you're trying to tell them. And then the next time if you have

The same person in your vicinity or in your proximity, and you have established the connection between the spirit or the two spirits, then you may just be able to sort of send a message through the airwaves to their spirit. I know that the concept is a little exotic, but you have to kind of play with it and experiment it, and you'll kind of understand how it works. That's really the best way to be able to do it. And I'll go back to the analogy of running where I said that initially you do the run, walk exercise. And after you're comfortable with the run, walk, you can just start running at longer intervals.

So in this case, in the beginning, you use the spirit and the body for the connection or the communication. And the way you do that is you look into their eyes and you establish the connection. And then you can speak to them at a spirit level to convey the message. So once you establish the connection, then you can just do spirit to spirit with or without establishing a connection with the eyes because you already have that connection between the two spirits.

So think of it almost as sending a message over text. But there is no cell phones involved and the other person can actually understand the message that you're trying to convey. So coming back to the big question, which is how does this relate to decision making? And how can entrepreneurs use this to make a decision? So I'll take a couple of examples.

One is whenever you have a big decision or an important decision, come up Do you hear any voice? Or do you hear any soft whisper stating that, hey, do it this way, because it will get you to your destination faster. Or that if you do it this way, maybe it's going to take longer or things are going to fall apart.

So let me take a specific example, let's say that you are in a board meeting. And the meeting has to be such that more than 50% of the people have to agree for a vote to be passed or for a point to get approved. And let's say that the votes are tied in. So it's 50% on one side and 50% on the other side. And let's say that you hold the tiebreaker vote. And, for lack of a better analogy, let's say that you have another colleague or board member and you guys have a bigger stake in the company, and you've decided to vote one way or the other.

So what you could do is just look at the colleague or the board member. And just by looking at them, you're establishing a connection between your spirit and their spirit. And then you can just ask them without speaking the words, hey, which way do you think the company will be more successful? Or which way did you vote? And then the other person since they're connected to you, they will give you the answer that I'm going to vote a Yes. Or I'm going to vote a no without speaking the physical words. So this way you can establish communication with the other spirit without the human sound being involved.

So, I know it sounds a little exotic, but trust me it works. So you have to play an experiment with it. And you'll kind of get the hang of it. And it may or may not work the first time.

So give it at least a couple of tries, I would say give it between three to five tries and see what happens. I'm sure you'll have some level of success. I cannot predict the exact level of success, but I'm sure you'll have some level of success. So it's just reinforcing a message. So in this particular example, it is being used to reinforce a message, which is should I vote yes or should I vote no. And just like anything else, it's going to get better with practice.

So as homework or exercise, I would like you to do a couple of things. The first one is to load At significant turning points in your life. And they have to be significant in the sense that you could consider them as major markers or major milestones. It could be when you quit a job, when you got a new job, when you got fired, when you got laid off. And just go back to to that particular instance.

For example, let's just say we take the example of a layoff. Go back to that particular instance of that particular day. And even before you went to work, did you have any sort of communication in terms of clairaudience. Like maybe you were getting dressed, you're getting ready and you were looking at yourself in the mirror and you heard a sound that what if they tell me today, that you know this is it, the company's laying everyone off and you are one of them. So this is just one example.

But you could take other significant turning points in your life and go back and look, did you get a warning message that something was going to happen? And it indeed actually happened. So it could be a layoff, it could be an accident, it could be making or not making investment in a particular stock. It could be taking a trip, any of these would be significant decisions. So that's the homework for this time.

And I hope you enjoyed this episode. on Clairaudience, and I will chat with you in the next episode. I'll see you guys next time.


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