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Clairvoyant vision is like an ultrasound: it can innocently point to the problem area thus leaving you clues as to what to look for in making a decision.

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Vaishali Nikhade 0:03
Hello everybody and welcome. This is Vaishali and today I am going to talk about clairvoyance. The word clairvoyance is made up of two words, 'clair' and 'voyance.' Clair in French means clear and voyance is vision. So clairvoyance means clear vision. So why would it make a difference? clear vision

can be not see our eyes ?

The difference is that clairvoyance is referred to as the vision of the Spirit.


I had discussed in Episode Four,


the difference between the vision of the spirit and the vision of the body is that the vision of the body is confined. And you can only see what is in front of you or within a certain

perimeter or periphery.

And the vision of the spirit is very different in the sense that it can see beyond the bounds of space and time. So whenever someone is referring to the word clairvoyance, they're referring to the vision of the Spirit. So when you use the vision of the spirit to see beyond space, then you are looking or locating rather lost objects. So you may have heard some psychics who specialize in lost objects and it's the vision of the Spirit whereby they can look into space and they can just say, Oh, you've left it in the living room, or you've left it near the couch. And the second thing is the vision of the


can also see beyond time. So this is the premise, which is used by psychics to predict the future, sort of not quite because there's a little more involved in it. And I didn't want to get into the other details in this particular episode. But let's just say that the vision of the Spirit does not have any bounds of time. So as far as clairvoyance is concerned, there are varying degrees of clairvoyance.


let's say that you have the zero degree or the starting phase to a phase which is, say phase five, phase one through phase five. And Phase One is the lowest phase of clairvoyance and faced by this, let's say the highest phase of clairvoyance. So even though we are born with these senses, which is the senses of the Spirit, if we don't exercise that muscle, then we tend to lose the ability or we kind of lose touch with that ability, so it needs to be rekindled. It's similar to running - most of us are born with two legs.


we can walk with these two legs, which would be phase one. And then once we learn to walk we can walk briskly or we can do what is known as fast walking. So that would be phase two, and phase three, you will be graduating this fast walking to either jogging or slow running. Phase four would be when you're actually running and then phase five would be sprinting. So we took the same pair of legs, and then we started walking and then brisk walking and jogging or slow running and running and sprinting. So phase one would be walking and phase five would be sprinting. So these are just the different phases of how a runner progresses from phase one through phase five.

So clairvoyance

sort of works in the same way.

In terms of the vision,

when you first look at clairvoyance, you will just see a color or a blob. And I specified in Episode Five


the sixth chakra is used

to determine

what you can see in terms of clairvoyance. So the sixth chakra is located in between your eyebrows and it is also known as the sixth sense. So if you just close your eyes and just look in front of you, and just visualize a color,

or a blob of color,

and then just visualize that

blob to sort of

develop a little bit of a shape and a little more of a color. And then you start to see that developing more features in it, and then you will start to see definitions of the feature

And the easiest way

to look at it is

just close your eyes and just visualize that in front of the eyes you have a red car. So initially, all you may see is the color red. And then if you just concentrate or focus a little bit, you will start seeing the representation of the shape. So you may actually start seeing that it's not just a blob of color, but there is a shape to it. And you can see the shape as to how the windshield is there, how the windows are there, what the front and back of the car looks like

and how the wheels are there. And then as

you start looking further, you will start seeing features and you will start seeing through the glass windows or the glass windshield and you will see what kind of seats are there in the car and

what is the color of those seats.

And you can just start

going deeper and deeper. And as you keep doing that you will start seeing more and more features and more and more definitions in the car. And this actually is what the vision of the spirit is. And the more you exercise your spirit muscles, the more refined your vision will get. Which means that you will be able to see more and more details. So when you first start out, it can be very blurry and you may not even be able to see the color properly. But as you keep flexing those muscles you will start getting More and more details and you will go more from phase one towards phase five. One other thing I wanted to chime in is that all of us have more than one 'clair,' which I specified in Episode Five, and clairvoyance may or may not be your strongest sense.

What it means is that other clair's can predominate. And clairvoyance will only kick in at certain times, or it will kick in more as additional information. So some people, they just are so used to seeing things first that they'll say oh, I saw this and someone will say I need to hear it.

So in the same way

Your clairvoyance may not be your strongest


But you will have a certain degree of clairvoyance. So another example that I would like to give is that of an airplane. So let's say that you're sitting in an airplane and the airplane is flying high up in the sky,

and you open the window.

So when the window is open, and you look down, you can see whether the area below you has just water or ocean, or it's a residential area where you start seeing houses or maybe there are just mountains.


as a clairvoyant. You can close your eyes and instead of just seeing the housing area or the mountains or the water, let's say that you hit upon an area that are just houses. So as a clairvoyant, you can actually go in and see what's going on inside the house and see what kind of movement is there, who's living in that house.

And what's,

what's going on how many rooms are there, it's almost as though you are in that space. So that's seeing through space with the eyes of the Spirit.

And then

seeing through time would be where you can predict what's going to happen in that house in the next few minutes. next few days, next few hours. So in order to flex your muscles, we start at the smallest level, where you just see like the blurb Or the blob. And then you keep refining it until you go to a level where you can see all the minor details. And the greater the amount of details you can


the greater details you will have in your predictions and the more of an expert you

will become.

The last example is

that of someone feeling a lump in their


So, in a normal sense, someone will say that, Oh, I feel a lump in my throat. So let's say that I feel a lump in my throat. So I go and see a doctor

and the doctor says that

I think that may be a problem. Maybe you have a nodule in your thyroid, you need to go and see an endocrinologist. So I go and see an endocrinologist and they do an ultrasound. And the ultrasound actually shows the nodule. It shows the location of the nodule. It shows the shape of the nodule, it shows the size of the nodule. So think of ultrasound as someone or something which is a clairvoyant vision. So as a clairvoyant I would have been able to see through that

and tell that okay, there is a nodule.

So how does this relate to decision making?

Whenever you're making a decision, someone will say that or it doesn't feel right, something is off.


some other person will say that,

you know, I think I need to see this document.

As I move this along the example that I took you through, which is the person who was walking, and then he just started jogging or

running at a

slow pace, it would be like, the walking would be something like, oh, it doesn't feel right. So that is phase one where someone is exercising their intuition and saying that, oh, it doesn't feel right, something's off. The second person does a little better. And he or she says that, you know, I think we need to review this piece of document. So that's almost like you have graduated from phase one to either phase two or three.

And phase four or five would be

where a person

can tell that oh, this thing is wrong. Let's go and take a look at this.

And that essentially is also the difference between a psychic and an intuitive.

A psychic

is somebody who can actually go and hone in on the details and give you exact or detailed information. Whereas an intuitive can tell you that okay, this is wrong, that is wrong, sort of like phase one and phase five, but phase one would be the intuitive and phase five would be the psychic. And I was recently a guest on a podcast where I talked a little bit more detail of the difference between the psychic and an intuitive and when that comes out, I'll probably link it in the show notes. So you can just think of clairvoyance as sort of just going in a dark cave. And then suddenly you see a small beam of light. And then as you start progressing more and more towards the inside, The light becomes a little more visible, and then more visible and then bright, and brighter and brighter. And then as the light gets brighter and brighter, you can see more and more details of what's going on inside the cave. And that's essentially what clairvoyance is. At level one or phase one, you can just see like a small beam of light or a very faint blurb, and then on phase five, you can actually see the picture and describe the picture and give the exact details of the picture of what is present. So one more time tying it back to making a decision. what it would mean is that if something is off, your clairvoyance would just give you a vision of what is off and depending on whether you are in phase one or phase five, you may just say that oh you know, I think something is off. In phase five, you will say that, Okay, I need to see this document. And this particular piece of information in this document is what I'm interested in seeing, which is you're kind of zooming in on what exactly is the problem?

So in the last

episode, I had asked you to think of a decision. And if you didn't listen to the last episode, you can go back and listen to

it. And

in the homework, I had asked you to think of a decision. So you can either go back and listen to it, or you can think of one decision right now where things didn't feel right. Did you get any visions? Did you get any visions of what may possibly be off or potentially be off?

And then how did those visions compare to whatever was the actual outcome? Like let's say you made a decision. And then it turned out that it was not a good decision. You ended up falling flat on your face. So did you get a new vision and how did it turn out? And then the second one is if you got a vision, which was really nice and did that particular decision turned out to be a really good decision for you. So that's it for this episode. And I'll continue a little bit more on clairvoyance in the next episode, and then I'll move on to the next sense. So I will see you again in the next episode, and in the meantime, don't forget to make a comment

in this particular

episode on the uncanny link.

com. And I'll see you next time.


Difference between a psychic and an intuitive: Podcast link with Vaishali Nikhade as a podcast guest here

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