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The magic of repetition is that it allows you to plug in the loopholes in the previous attempts and hence get you closer to your desired target.


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Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is the magic of repetition. And I am going to give you one example from politics. So this should be an interesting episode because the example is actually what led me to develop this episode. So I might as well give the example, although I don't really like to bring in politics on business podcast.

But I think this is a very appropriate and timely example, to understand how repetition works, and how the Universe uses that in order to create space. And this is the reason I actually came up with this episode. So as far as the resistance is concerned, the universe moves out resistance in steps.

And the more the number of repetitions you have, the easier it will be to increase your efficiency or increase your throughput or in a simpler language, it is easier to get to your goal or cross the finish line. So whenever you have a goal, there is a gap between the aspirer and the goal. So the aspirer is the person who's aspiring to get to the goal.

For instance, if I don't know how to run, and I want to run a half marathon, then I am the aspirer who's aspiring to run a half marathon and the goal is actually running the half marathon and or crossing the finish line for the half marathon. And the gap is the distance between these two points, which is where I am today with no learning experience. And where I will be when I cross the finish line, which is I would have actually run half marathon.

So because the person does not have much of an experience in getting to the goal, the first attempt is not likely to work well, which means that it's going to be a little not so fine. And clumsy for lack of a better word. And the only goal for the first attempt is to cross the finish line. And then when this attempt has been completed, or when you cross the finish line for this particular goal, you go through repeated attempts.

And then as you go through repeated attempts, you actually overcome resistance. And the more the number of times you repeat something, the easier it becomes to overcome resistance and more, it becomes like a habit. And the easier it becomes to do something. And let me just take a really simple example.

And this example is, let's say you have like a huge stone, or a huge stone. Yeah. So let's say you have a huge stone, and you want to break it apart. And initially, you have, let's say a big hammer. And when you take that hammer and hit the stone, the first attempt is most likely not going to break the stone.

So I'm just assuming here that the stone is very big and solid and the hammer doesn't have enough oomph in it for lack of a better term. But the first attempt is not going to break the stone. And what it will do instead is it will weaken the stone and as you start hitting with the hammer, over and over the stone will probably become hollow and it will develop some weak points.

And then at one particular attempt of hitting the stone with the hammer it is going to break apart or fall apart. So, even though on the surface, it seems like it was one stroke of the hammer that did it, it really wasn't. That was more like the last stroke of the hammer that broke the stone, or made it fall apart.

But what you did was you overcame the resistance, or you weakened the stone, by hitting it so many times that there was nothing left except for the stone to break. And one other example that comes to mind is that of the company called Yelp. And if you're not familiar with Yelp, they actually do local listings and local advertising.

And when I first started out as psychic, and I was doing readings, Yelp would call me for advertising. And I would just turn them down and say no, because I just didn't think that they would have my kind of clients. So this happened like once, twice, three times, four times, five times, maybe even 10 times. But somewhere between the 10th and the 15th, attempt, you know, something in me fell apart or broke apart.

And I said, You know what, let me just give it a try. So I hadn't really planned on signing up for the ads. But it's just the same analogy as beating the stone with the hammer that you make it so weak that it falls apart. So they call so many times that I just said, You know what, forget it, I'll just do it. So that you guys quit calling me. And I tried them out for a little while, it wasn't quite the right thing for me, but I did try them out. So that is the magic of repetition.

The same goes when you are working on the project. And when you're working on a project and you have an idea, you know what your finish line is going to be? The first time you do it, your finish line is going to be probably the finish line doesn't change. But the amount of substance in the idea is not 100%. And what do I mean by that? That it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that you wanted it to have.

But it is more like a draft version, which goes out as a test in the market, like a better version. And then once that gets tested out, then you find out what are the things that can be improved upon. And then you clean it up and then go back again. And I'll give you an example of a giveaway that I just did recently in December-January and my goal was to have somewhere around 30 ish participants.

And I had a very small window of time to capture these people. And it took me a lot of time and a lot of work because I was running very close to the dates, and it was holidays, and everything was messed up. So the long story short is that I ended up with 15 participants. So did I do the giveaway? Yes. But when I crossed my finish line, which was launching the giveaway or doing the giveaway, I was at 50% capacity. So instead of doing 30 people, I ended up doing it with 15 people.

And even then, it was a huge success for me because it showed me where the loopholes were, and what kind of things I need to address for the next round. Which means that where do I need to plug in the holes to move forward. So the next time I do it, or when I am doing it, my target is going to be higher, and I will end up achieving more than 50% of whatever target I have. Because initially my first run was 50%.

So my next run hopefully should be around 70 to 80%. Or let's see what happens. So that's the beauty of doing a project for the first time and completing it and then repeating the whole thing with some fine tuning to be able to achieve more efficiency. So the example I had in mind, which actually brought me to get this episode out is that of politics.

And normally, I would never bring politics in a business podcast. But this example is very interesting, in a lot of respects, and this is the reason I actually developed this episode. So the example is that of having a female in a position of power. So far in the US, that has not been any female president or vice president, the first time that there was ever a run for a female on ticket was that of Sarah Palin.

And unless I'm wrong, but I don't think maybe I am. I didn't really Google it. So Sarah Palin was the first person who was actually female on vice presidential ticket. And they ended up losing the round or the election, so nothing came out of it. So it's almost like hitting resistance. So think of the goal as a female achieving the seat of power. And then the aspirer is the female.

And she tries to go there. And it's almost like a bounce back. So nothing happens, because they didn't win. The next run was that of Hillary Clinton on a presidential ticket. So we went up from a VP to a presidential ticket. And Hillary Clinton also ended up losing the election. So once again, it's almost like you're trying to ping that position of power with a female. And it's almost like there's a bounce back.

And the third time with Kamala Harris, it almost seems like it actually happened. So this was like the third time. So it's almost like you've hit the hammer, once nothing happened, you've hit the hammer, again, nothing happened. And now you hit the hammer again. And now you see that there is some sort of an opening, she is not the President, but she is the vice president. Or vice president elect to be precise. S

o it's almost like there needs to be some sort of a warm up for that position in order for a female to occupy that seat. And you can look at examples from anything like if you are cooking, and you cook the first time, how your recipe will come out, versus you cook the second time and a third time, whether you're cooking some sort of a dish, or whether you're making a dessert. So that is for cooking.

And if you are hiking, and you go on our new hike for the first time, it's going to be different than when you go there the second time or third time. So the bottom line is that repetition is actually the magic ingredient that ends up releasing resistance towards the goal. So whenever you do something for the first time done is better than perfect. Which means that you go and finish it up.

And then the next time you can just go and iterate and improve upon it. Or as someone said, version one is better than version none. And it is the same thing with intuition and making decisions using intuition, which is the first time you try to do it, it's going to be a little bit awkward and clumsy. And you may not feel like you know what you're doing. But the more you start exercising your intuitive muscle, the more you will get in touch with it and the more familiar and more comfortable, you will get with it.

And pretty soon before you know you will actually start using these muscles to make decisions. And that's how it happened for me when I first started reading. I would take a little bit of time to be able to read and give predictions on what would actually happen.

And then as I went through hundreds and thousands of readings, it became more natural and more like something which happens in a very literal amount of time as to what it would have taken me when I would have first started. And not only that, after plugging in the holes, my accuracy becomes more my descriptions become more vivid of what is going to happen. And this is how I refine and hone my predictions.

So if you are interested to work with me go ahead and click on the work with me button at the uncanny and fill out the application form and I'm happy to chat with you. If not, I will look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Bye for now.



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