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Just like a new sunrise produces a new day everyday, taking a new risk or a chance can help you open more doors and propel forward even though it may not be a linear route.


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Vaishali Nikhade 0:01

Hello, hello, hello everybody, this is Vaishali and happy new year if you're listening live, or if you download my recordings on a regular basis, and if you are new then welcome and Happy New Year to you as well. So today's episode is called The turning point.

Today marks the beginning of a new year. And it is celebrated all over the world with a lot of fanfare and people making new year resolutions. In essence, it is the turning point. Which means that people essentially make some resolutions or vows to start things fresh or start things new. And to do something better.

And how long it continues, it depends on the person, sometimes it may continue for a week or two, sometimes it could be for a month or two. And sometimes it can become a habit.

So this is something that you can actually look back at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, and figure out what kind of resolutions you made and what came out of it.

However, we don't really have to wait until the end of the year for a turning point. In a sense, the end of the month is a turning point, because you're starting a new month, the end of the week is a turning point, because you're starting a new week.

And the end of the day is also a turning point because you're starting a new day. And you can apply the same principle to hours and minutes and seconds. In essence, every decision is a turning point.

So what are the factors that actually contribute to turning points? And how is that related to intuition. So the first factor that contributes to a turning point is making a decision.

Every time you make a decision one way you are saying no to making a decision the other way. And you move forward in your journey in terms of time. But in terms of the outcome, or the results of that decision, you can either move forward or backward.

And I just wanted to bring back a little bit of the history of the podcast and how the podcast started, and how things move forward. Because it may seem like a very slightly trivial decision, or perhaps an insignificant decision. However, it will have a lot of implications if it turns out to be a decision, which is made intuitively or which propels you forward.

So back in February of 2020, I was at a conference in New Orleans and I had a choice to go to a conference in San Diego or to skip it.

And one of the speakers in that conference in New Orleans who was holding this conference in San Diego and I decided to go and there's a long story about how I ended up going even though I didn't want to go but I'm probably going to skip that story for right now. But essentially what happened is I ended up going to the conference. And it turns out that this conference was the last conference I attended before COVID hit because it was just end of February, beginning of March. That was about the timeframe. I believe it was the last day of February and first couple days of March.

And then I met a lot of people at the conference back in the time when people used to meet in person, I met a lot of people. And I ended up joining a Facebook group. And what happened in that Facebook group is a few people were actually beta testing their course. And they said that, you know, they would offer us their podcast course for free so that we could actually launch a podcast.

And at that point, there were about maybe a few 100 or two 300 people in the group and maybe about 30 to 50, people signed up and said yes. So this decision was essentially a turning point for me because I signed up. And I said, Yes. And out of those 30 to 50 people, I don't recall the exact number, maybe somewhere between 15 to 20 actually ended up launching their podcasts.

So even though you sign up for something, and that can be a turning point, unless you actually take the action, the turning point will not give you any results. So a turning point will give you results when it is acted upon. That is the conclusion of making that particular decision. So what happened is, I ended up launching the podcast, and here we are on this podcast. So if you look at it, from a high level perspective, it was just a small decision that I ended up going to a conference because it was very easy for me not to go.

However, by going, I ended up making a decision, which turned out to be a turning point. And then by joining the Facebook group, and by launching the podcast, I ended up making decisions, which were actually turning points. So what you can do is go back and look at 2020 and see what kind of decisions you made in 2020, that actually turned out to be turning points. Which brings me to the second point that most of the times a turning point happens when you do something new.

Which means that if you are doing the same thing over and over again, then a turning point can be difficult to come, essentially, you have to take a risk, you have to take a chance. And when you do that you enhance the ability to get new results. Or you actually increase the probability of something new happening in your life. So going to that conference, it was my first time over there to that particular conference. So that was one turning point where I did something new.

And signing up for the beta course, that was a turning point because I did something new. So doing something new or taking a risk actually enhances your ability to get new results. And that essentially contributes to a turning point. So if you look back at 2020, and you'll find that you have very few turning points, you may want to look at how many things did you do, which were quote unquote, something new, or take a risk. And if you did not, then that is something that you can change for this year.

Which means that try out something new, maybe once a week or once a month and see what kind of result it brings. It's not so much about success or failure, but it's more about going in a new direction, because you're flexing new muscles and you are enhancing the probability for the universe to bring something new to you.

The last factor that contributes to a turning point is the books you read and the people you meet. And most likely you've heard this before. But there is a lot of negativity about how COVID has changed the world but in one way it has actually brought people closer together because a lot of people meet via zoom and considering the amount of conferences that people can go just by logging onto a computer, this functionality or this facility was not available in a pre COVID world and because of that it has actually made easier for people all over the world to meet, sort of crushed timezones and also brought people closer together.

So that could be a different way of looking at things, even though things have changed, and they're not the same. So essentially, this can be considered as a turning point, which means that because in person meetings are restricted are not happening, they are still happening in a different way over zoom or whatever is the other way you're meeting, maybe Skype or some other software.

But essentially, when you are meeting these people, and you are taking a conversation up with them, and then you meet them after the conference, and you try out a new idea, or maybe join a new group, essentially, you are enhancing the ability of a turning point to occur in your life. It brings about new ways of thinking. And unless you do any sort of daily exercise or activity to flex your thinking muscle, it brings about new ways of thinking, and new perceptions of how things can be done.

And this reminds me of the quote from Einstein, which says that imagination is more important than knowledge. And this is the reason it is important to flex this muscle. So these are the three factors that contribute to a turning point. And the last thing I would like to say or the last point I would like to make is that we are living in a world today where we proverbially have to hit a moving target, in the sense that in a pre COVID world, people could rely on past data, or there was past evidence as to how things would turn out based on how things had shaped in the past.

But right now, we are kind of hitting a moving target, because I'll say most people do not know what's coming. There's always exceptions to that. But we're not going to get into that in this particular episode. But most people don't know what's coming. So we have to be more intelligent in terms of making decisions.

And logical decisions, essentially, will hit their limits, which means that just going and looking at the past that Oh, because this has happened in the past, because we could go to that conference last year, we can still go this year, that is no longer true. So logical decisions have hit their limits. And it could be any logical decision, it doesn't have to be just going to a conference, it could be anything. So because logical decisions have hit their limits, intuitive decisions will actually thrive.

Because when you are using intuition, you are actually using the abilities of the Spirit. And like I've mentioned in the past episodes, the ability of the spirit is very, very different than the ability of the body. And because the Spirit does not have the bounds of space, or time. And if you're listening to this for the first time, you can go back to the episode which says five senses are not enough, then it is very easy for the spirit to understand and to know whether or not a decision you are making is going to help you or hurt you.

And it could be like, depending on your strongest Clair, it could be that you see a vision of something. Or it could be that you just hear a soft whisper or saying don't do this. Or you just know that it is not the right thing to do or you feel sick in your stomach. So all these are methods or ways by which your intuitive senses work. And I have an episode for each one of these senses.

And all of these episodes end in 'demystified' so you can check them out, which means that the episodes are clairvoyance demystified, claircognizance, demystified, clairsentience, demystified, and clairaudience demystified

So if you are learning to make decisions in this kind of an environment, then the best thing is not only to look at the logical data, but also to get an intuitive feeling of whether or not it feels right to move forward with this particular decision. Because it only takes a very small, seemingly insignificant decision to create a turning point in your life. But unless you make that decision, it will not happen.

And it has to be like I said something new, or something that has you taking a risk or going into a new environment meeting somebody new or learning something new from a book. Also, I have a freebie called peek into the future, which I will link in the show notes. And you can grab that freebie I have a couple of audios on how you can use intuition for making decisions for business.

So I will end this episode with that and just remember that go back to 2020 and find out how many turning points you've had. And what kind of decisions contributed to those turning points. Because if you know what kind of decisions contributed to those turning points, you can make those kind of decisions again in the future and have more turning points in your life.

And then the other ways to add the turning points are through books through people and by doing something new. So I hope that you enjoyed this episode and I will see you next time. Bye for now.


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S1:EP19 'Disrupting logical patterns' audiogram

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