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The Uncanny Link | Episode 22

S1: EP22 Reflecting your genius


Most clients are attracted to you for your unique creative genius and intuition is the superpower responsible for helping you conceive it


Episode Transcript

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Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is about reflecting your genius. When ever you create something, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, whenever you are creating a product, it's part logic and part intuition.

So the idea first comes to you intuitively, and depending on whatever is your strongest sense of intuition, you will conceive the idea. For instance, if your strongest sense of intuition is clairvoyance, then you may just see the vision of an image of what your product should be like.

And if your strongest intuitive sense is, clairaudience, then you may just hear a soft whisper that you need to develop this product. And if your strongest sense is claircognizance, then you will just know that you need to develop this product.

So depending on your strongest sense, you will intuitively conceive the product. And then once you know what the product is that needs to be developed, you will start to create it or you will start assembling it. And when you are doing this, you are also using logic. So you're kind of transitioning from a spirit to a body level, because your idea or the way you got the idea of the product was done more intuitively, or at a spirit level or at a metaphysical level.

And now you need to bring this out into the real world, which is at a physical level. So now you're using logic to kind of put this idea together or whatever seems to be the idea, you want to actually be able to create it. And when you're using your intuition, you actually reflect your strengths or your creativity or your genius into your product.

So whenever you see a product, you will realize that the inherent genius of the person is actually reflected in the product. Long time back, I took a drawing class and the first class the instructor had asked us to do charcoal drawing of some sort of a scene. And all of us did the drawings. And then he asked all of us to go and put the homework in front of the class.

So you could see about 15 to 20 students and 15 to 20 drawings all in front of the class. And what he told us is that by the time we finish this class, you will be able to identify who has done which drawing just from their style, just by the style of the drawing or just by the style of the work, you will be able to identify who has done what kind of a drawing and it is the same way with the product.

Once you start looking at certain products, you will know oh this is the person that has done this. You can see that reflected in paintings as well. So if you are good with numbers, then your product will have some sort of a play on numbers.

If you're good with colors, then your product will have some sort of a play of colors and you will use colors to attract the people to your product. Or the way you choose your color scheme will be such that you will attract a certain I don't want to say amount but a certain section of the audience.

And if you're good with words, then you will use great copy to attract the people. If you're artistic or creative, then your products will have a creative attraction factor. And if you like fun, then your products will have some sort of a playful vibe embedded in them which you will use to attract your audience.

So, let's take a few real life examples so that you can actually understand what this means. Think about the founders of Google. So Google is a search engine and the founders of Google, they were actually Stanford students. And their strength was research and education.

And the product, which is the search engine, it reflects their strengths, which is research. That's exactly what Google does. You go to Google, and you type in a search phrase, and you just see everything that comes up or it gets populated based on the search phrase. So the strength of the founders, which was research is embedded in the product, which is Google does research.

Another example is that of Estee Lauder, Estee Lauder's strength was beauty. And what she did was she created a beauty line. So if you shop for cosmetics, or if you have looked at cosmetics, anywhere while shopping at the mall, then you will see that her beauty line is what she is known by.

So in the same way you can find out what it is that your strength is or what it is that your genius sis and you will find it reflected in your product. And if you do not have a product as yet, then you can just go back to whatever were some of the past products you did as a child or while you were in high school, or when you were working.

Whatever side hobbies you had, and if you're already an entrepreneur and working on products, then it's even better because you can look at your products and tell what kind of creativity is embedded in each product. And you will find that the products that sell the most they have your genius embedded in them and the products that are for whatever reason not selling a whole lot, you will find that they lack your strengths or they lack your attraction factor or your appeal.

So that is the simple exercise for you today, which is to go and take a look at your best selling product and see if it has your inherent creative genius in it. And I will see you in the next episode. Bye



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S1:EP19 'Disrupting logical patterns' audiogram

S1:EP19 'Disrupting logical patterns' audiogram

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