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S1: EP21 Upleveling profits with intuition


By peeling through the layers of intuition, you can determine more exact details for the outcome of a situation.


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Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is about up leveling profits with intuition. I am hoping that you have had a chance to listen to some or all of the previous episodes because this episode is kind of going to combine a lot of the knowledge and education from the previous episodes.

In order to show you how, as an entrepreneur, you can uplevel your profits using intuition. So, intuition is the ability of the spirit to be able to sense the information without the boundaries of space, or time.

And as I mentioned in the last episode, you can either have intentional activation or unintentional activation, which means that either you specifically ask for the information and look for the answer, or the universe is trying to give you an answer and tell you some information.

So the way it would work is initially the information presented is just in the form of energy. And this energy can be just like a huge blob of energy, which you may not be able to make any sense of. And then as you start peeling layers and layers of energy, you will start seeing more and more details.

So think about driving on cross country trip. And let's say that you are going from California to New York. And then along the way, you pass the mountains of Arizona, Nevada, that area. And then from far away, the mountain just looks like something which is like just a huge blob, but you can still see that it is a mountain.

And then as you start driving, and as you start getting closer and closer to the mountain, you can see the definition of the mountain, you can see the shapes of all the hills that are you can see maybe some signs of vegetation or some blobs of green color.

And you can also see sort of the terrain of the mountain as to whether it's steep in some areas, whether it's like completely vertical, or whether it's inclined, going slowly from the bottom towards the top, and what else is on there.

And then as you get closer to the mountain, you will start seeing the definition of the trees and maybe some greater insight into what the color of the rocks of the sand or the mountain is.

And then if you were to stop and actually go there, then you will start seeing more and more details. So it's almost like you started with something which was like a huge blob, and then as you get closer and closer; and in case of intuition, it's just peeling the layers, you start getting finer and final details and a lot of those details some of them you need a higher level of awareness, otherwise you may not notice for instance, you may not notice how all the trees are on the mountain are all of them.

The same kind of trees or all of them are different kinds of trees. And you may also notice that some of the trees may have different type of leaves and some of the trees may have some kind of fruits or seeds which fall on the floor or the ground level or whatever is the path that is that you are walking.

So in your first visit, maybe you go for a hike and in your first visit you may not be aware of all these things you would just be aware of the entire path where you have to walk and just make sure or hope that you can go around safely. And then if you start going there over and over again, you will start seeing more and more details and your level of awareness will increase, and so will your level of curiosity.

And then once you have mastered a particular path, or a particular route for the hike, then you will start looking at different paths. And seeing how these different paths work and how you can make detours in order to go around and come back to whatever your starting point was. So intuition works the same way: in the beginning, it's just a blob of energy, which you may have what is known as impulse of information.

And then as you start peeling these layers, then you will start getting more and more information. And the greater the depth, or definition of the information, the more closer you are to the actual event or the thing that is going to play out in real life. So what exactly does that mean?

The best way to explain this is to take some real life examples. And I am going to take some real life examples of some of the entrepreneurial questions that I have read recently, over the past. These are maybe over the past three to six months, one of them is a little bit older.

So let's start with the first one. And I'm going to use some references from the previous episodes. And I'll just give you a quick blurb of what it means just in case you haven't heard the episodes.

So this client, let's call her Jane Doe, she came to me and she was looking to put a bid on a contract. And the number that she had in mind was $225,000. And when she came to me, she was unsure and she was nervous because it was a huge number. And she did not want to lose the contract.

Because if she put the bid too low, then essentially, she would end up leaving money on the table. And if she put the bid too high, then she was essentially going to lose the contract. So what is the right number to put the bid on?

And this is exactly a question which your intuition can answer or which if you peel layers and layers, then it comes down to what is known as the psychic reading, which can give you a little bit more greater in depth or insight into what those numbers can be, of course, it is dependent on the ability of the reader.

So the first sign that her number was not correct is that she was really nervous. So essentially, it was a clairsentience kicking in, which is just a feeling that this number is not right. And then it was fear of bidding too low and fear of losing money by doing that. And at the same time fear of putting too high and fear of losing money, because you would completely lose the entire contract.

So as a psychic, I can get into the details, it is just a heightened; think of it, as a heightened level of intuition. I can get into the details of the numbers and sort of see what is the point at which things are going to fall off. So her lower level was 200,000. So when I look at 200,000, I see that the bid is too low.

And then her higher level was around 250 to 260. So, what I can do is I can sort of just roll a softball, for lack of a better word along the scale, and then see what is the point at which the ball falls off the scale. And when I do that, what I'm doing is I'm determining the point at which she is going to lose the contract.

So when I look at it; there's a little more detail involved other than rolling the ball, but I'm going to skip it for right now. But that's more often, a higher level way of looking at it. So when I looked at the information, I found that 260,000 was about the number At which point, if she bid higher than that she was going to lose the transaction. So I went ahead and told her to put in 260,000.

And she put in a bid of 260,000. And later on, she came back to me and said that, yes, she got it, and it was for 260,000. So now think about it, she was willing to bid as low as 200, just to get it. And then she ended up bidding as high as 260.

And when she first came to me, she was going to be 225,000. So depending on how you look at it, she either made a gain of 35,000, or 60,000. So this is the power of having the ability to use your intuition. Or getting help from someone who has fine tuned their abilities. And look into the minor details and determine what the number is going to be at which the contract is going to sort of fall off.

Or you're going to lose it because just the bid itself was too high. So this is just for the bid, it does not mean that you can turn in a proposal, which is not matching the requirements or anything provided everything is done correctly if the bid is the only thing in question. And this is how you can use it intuition to uplevel your profits. So this is the first example. So now I'm going to move on to the next example. The next example is that of Let's call him John Doe.

And John Doe was doing, again, in this case, it was a transaction where he was sending someone to a foreign country to get some gemstones. And he was going to wire $150,000 to this individual to be able to get the gemstones and then he was going to resell them in the US at a higher price.

So when I looked at this particular reading, I saw that he was going to lose his money. And I went and told him that if he went ahead and wired the $150,000, then he was going to lose all his money.

So what he did was he went ahead and asked this individual to produce an airplane ticket for the trip that he was taking. And believe it or not, the guy was not even able to come up with the airplane ticket.

So once again, just by using intuition, or being able to look into it, again, without the boundaries of space or time as to what is going to happen in the future of the transaction, he was able to save the $150,000.

So you can use any of your intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, which is being able to see the impression of an image whether or not your money is going to increase or not. So essentially, what you can do is you can visualize the transaction going through and see if you're going to make more money or you're going to lose all your money. So that would be using your clairvoyance.

And then you could also use your clairaudience where you can sort of get a soft whisper from the universe as to whether or not the transaction can be profitable or will be profitable. And lastly, you could use clairaudience, I'm sorry, claircognizance, where you will know whether this transaction is going to be fruitful or not.

So this is how you can use your intuition to determine if your transaction is going to be a profitable transaction. Or if it is not going to be a profitable transaction and you'll end up losing your funds. So these are just examples of real life which have played out and it can be used in many, many different ways and many, many different levels.

For instance, there was another lady, let's call her Jane Doe number two and She was going to invest $20,000 for some project, she was working on with somebody else for a resort. And once again, when I looked at it, I told her she was going to lose the money, and she did not have any details of the transaction.

And she did not know the other party well enough. So, in essence, it saved her the time to do a lot of due diligence, though it is something that she should have done before investing the 20,000. But at the same time, if you use your intuition, you are able to kind of skip over some of the details and just look into the situation and see if it is going to get you the desired result or if it is not going to get you the desired result.

And this can be related to any sort of a financial transaction, or it could be related to working with a partner, say, if you partner up with Mr. Steve, for instance, is that going to be a successful project or things are going to fall apart.

Or you can also use it to see if the partnership would kind of lead to something which is going to be more of a long term project, where both of you will end up doing something which could be very successful in the long run.

For instance, the founders of Google, if they had looked into whether or not that venture would be profitable, they would have seen that it would be long term venture which would lead to a lot of profits. So this is how you can use your intuition in order to uplevel your profits.

And if you are interested in getting information related to any of your projects, you can hit the work with me button on my website, theuncannylink.com and just turn in the application form and then we can go from there.

So hopefully you enjoyed this episode and got to learn a little bit more about how the different levels and layers of intuition work and how you can use them in financial transactions in bidding contracts and in up leveling profits. And I will see you in the next episode. Bye


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