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S1: EP20 Observing intuitive guidance


The Universe complies to our request when we seek an answer: intentionally or unintentionally


Episode Transcript

Vaishali Nikhade 0:02
Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is about observing intuitive answers. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. So we have to give gratitude to our intuition. And in order to give gratitude, we have to recognize where it's coming from or how you are getting the answers.

So, there are two ways intuition expresses itself or it is activated. One of them is intentional activation, and the other one is unintentional activation. So think about it in this manner; everything outside of intentional activation is unintentional activation.

So what is intentional activation? Intentional activation is when you specifically ask the universe for an answer. In essence, you are kind of asking your intuition to be able to convey that answer to you. So intuition is sort of the carrier of the answer, which conveys the answer from the universe to you. And this can either be in meditation or outside the meditation period. But the key is that you have asked the universe for an answer.

For instance, let's say that you are debating whether you should sign up for course one or course two. And you want to do a small meditation for it to figure out which course is going to work better for you, based on whatever your goal is. So what you can do is, when you are in meditation, you can observe the path through your sixth chakra, or sixth sense or third eye, If you're clairvoyant, or if clairvoyance is your stronger sense, and see how far you will travel.

So for instance, if you assume that you're going to go with course one, so you can go with course one, and look at the starting point. So at this point, it's just the impression of an image of the starting point of the course. And then just travel along the starting point, and then see how far it goes. And at certain point, it will come to either a stop or a halt, or you'll just keep going and going and going. So that's four course one.

And then you do the same thing, for course two, and you'll figure out how things are going to roll along that path. And again, it will be the same thing, either you will stop at a certain point, or you will find that you'll just keep going. So that your destination is related to your goal, which means that let's assume that you take the scores and your destination, let's just make it financial, because it's easier to calculate.

Let's say that your destination by taking this course, which is like two days, you want to make, let's just say 10 K, and you look whether course one is going to get you there or course two is going to get you there. And what you'll find is, when you travel along those paths, in one of the courses, you will see that things come to a stop. So it could either be an abrupt halt, or it could be a roadblock, or things just don't go anywhere further from there.

And in case of the second course, you just keep going, which is further along than the first course, which means that intuitively, you will be better off taking off the second course rather than the first one. So it's almost as though your intuition is symbolically telling you that the journey to your destination.

In this case 10 K is going to move further along if you go with course two because think of the whole road or the entire path as milestones for the 10 K so it could be in two and a half k increment. It could be in 1k increments, that's totally dependent on you. Whereas in case of course, one, you will find that, you know, two and a half k is what you make, and then things stop over there.

So this is one way, you can determine, using your sixth sense as to which course is going to take you further along towards your destination. So, I gave you an example about the courses, but it could be about anything; it could be about which book to buy, which book to write, or anything else that you are debating on whether you have to make a choice in choosing either one or two, and you can only choose one option.

So, this is when you have specifically asked for an answer, which is intentional activation. So, now the second one, the second one is everything outside of this, which is unintentional activation. So, in unintentional activation, the universe specifically gives you an answer. And most of the times this is a very strong sign from the universe, asking you either to take a particular action or to not take a particular action.

In either way, Whether you take or don't take that part is shown by the universe, but it is to your benefit, which means that the universe is suggesting that this is the next step for you. And one more time, based on which of your intuitive senses is stronger, you will know what your next step is going to be. So for instance, let's say that clairsentience is one of your stronger senses, then you would probably get a feeling.

And if your intuition is telling you that you shouldn't be taking an action, then you'll kind of feel sick in the stomach. And I gave this example of driving to the bank. And just getting a sick feeling in the stomach and later on realizing that the transaction was fraudulent. So that's clairsentience. And if you haven't had a chance, you can listen to the episode called clairsentience demystified.

If Clairaudience is one of your strongest senses, then you will just hear a tiny voice telling you that do this or don't do this. For instance, if you are in a project, and you're unsure of how to get help for the next step, and Claireaudience is, one of your stronger senses, then you'll just hear a soft whisper that, hey, just go and call John. And he can guide you.

Now, just because your intuition said call John, it does not mean that John is directly responsible to help you with the next step. It's almost as though he may act as a catalyst. And he will help you either directly or indirectly, to get to your next step. So that's clairaudience. And clairvoyance is where you can just see an image.

For instance, in one of the previous episodes, I gave an example about seeing an image of getting stuck on the freeway, and I ended up swapping the rental car because it almost felt like the car would break down. So this is clairvoyance, where you keep seeing an image and your intuition is telling you that you are in danger that you need to take action. So your intuition will always warn you when you're in danger.

And usually when it is unintentional activation, it's usually situations which are a little bit drastic, and things which need attention, which means that whatever the action is going to be it is not in your immediate periphery of thoughts. And it is going to impact you in some way. And I'll just repeat the example of the rental car here, which is I was traveling once

in the last couple years sometimes when people used to travel and I was staying in a hotel, and every night before I go to bed, I do a meditation and every morning, I do a meditation. So when I was meditating at night, I saw this image of my car being stuck on the side of the freeway. And it's very odd because clairvoyance is not one of my stronger senses. My stronger sensor senses are clearaudience and claicognizance.

So for me to see that car, it just means that my clairvoyance, suddenly it became very strong. And I could actually see the vision or the image of being stranded on the freeway. And I kind of just ignored it, I did not make much out of it. So the next day morning is when I was going to leave, leave the hotel to come back home.

And the same thing happened, I sit in my meditation, and I see the same image, which is the car stand stranded on the side of the freeway. So now we have two strikes. Now we needed the third one. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, that is an episode where I say that the universe gives us answers in units of three. The first one is a whisper, the next one is a tap on the shoulder. And the third one is a slap on the face. So after these two visions of my car being stranded on the freeway, I decided to actually do a reading on it.

And I sat down and look at how my journey is going to be. And it showed me the same thing that there was going to be some sort of an accident with the car. So this was my slap on the face. And at this point, I was too. I am not sure the right word, but I was really scared to drive that car. So the long story short is I ended up driving up to Portland, this was in Washington State. So I ended up driving up the Portland airport because there were no nearby locations that were open to exchange the car. In fact, I had tried to exchange the car the previous day. And for whatever reason, I was not able to do it.

And the reason I was trying to exchange the car was I just wasn't feeling comfortable with that car. So you can also say that my clairsentience had already kicked in and was telling me that, you know, swap this car swap this car. So I already tried to do that. And for whatever reason that didn't work. So then my clairvoyance kicked in and said, No, do it. And when I didn't listen, it kicked in the second time.

So this is intuition warning, you have a disastrous scenario, and asking you or in fact, urging you to take action. So the long story short, is I ended up driving that car for a little bit, I think maybe hundred, two hundred miles. And I swapped it at the Portland airport. And then I actually had to go out of my way, take a detour, swap the car. And then I ended up coming back home, safe and sound. And I was very grateful for that. And with this expression of gratitude, I would like to end this episode.

And as far as the homework is concerned, what I would suggest is that think about the last two or three times that intuition played a role in your life and find out whether it was intentional or unintentional activation, which means that you ask the universe for an answer and it showed up, or just like in my case of exchanging the car, it just kept showing up and telling you that take this action take this action, which means that if you don't take then something is going to go wrong.

So I hope that you enjoyed this episode, and I will see you next time. Bye for now.


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