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Intuitive decisions follow a more unique, interesting & exciting journey to your milestone as compared to a logical decision...


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I am so tired. Do I really need to go to this conference? Hey, everyone, this is Vaishali. And today's episode is about disrupting logical patterns. What looks to be on the surface as a simple decision has a lot of different implications that go along with it, should you choose to go one way versus the other.

I had just come back from New Orleans from a conference in early February or late February, I believe, of 2020. And I was scheduled to go to another conference in San Diego. And I was debating, Should I go, Should I not go; because I was really tired. And the thought of traveling all the way to San Diego to attend this conference for another three, four days was just tiring, because I was already tired.

But what looks to be on the surface as a simple decision is not so simple, because there are a lot of things that can come out of just one decision. And today, we are just going to look at all those things. So the first one is just the learning at the conference. And you don't really have to go to the conference to learn it, you can just buy the videos, or the recordings and just learn from the recordings.

However, when you do that you miss out on a couple of things: you miss out on meeting the people that actually go to the conference. You also miss out what comes from the relationships, and also how that particular conference in that particular location along with the set of people and the interactions you have is going to lead you to the next step. Logically speaking, you don't really have to go. You can just get the recordings or watch them in your spare time.

In terms of meeting the people, you can just interact in Facebook groups and meet the people, you'd be missing out on the in person connections. However, going there can be adventurous, it could almost be killing multiple birds with one stone, which is; I would get to listen to the conference live. I would meet a lot of people in person, perhaps not all of them, but maybe at least 30 to 50% of them in person, and maybe develop relationships with some of them. And maybe some other things.

So what happened is I was struggling with this decision. And I was very uncomfortable. Intuitively, in my mind, I knew that I needed to go for sure. However, logically, I was struggling because I was physically tired. And it was just yet another conference. And given the fact that I have been doing readings for a long time, I was doing some readings on the conference as to what would the difference be if I went to the conference versus I didn't go.

And every time I would look at the reading, it would show me the same thing that I would develop a lot of relationships and a lot of different things would come out of the conference. So the long story short is I ended up going. There's a couple of detours in between about how I asked the universe to show the signs, but I'll probably end up addressing those in a different episode. So I ended up going to this conference.

It turns out it was the last conference before COVID. After this conference, everything got shut down. It led to a large number of relationships. I met a lot of people. And out of this particular conference, I happened to be in a Facebook group where someone was running a beta program for launching a podcast.

I participated in that program. And this podcast is actually a direct result of that conference decision leading me to the podcast. So this was one of the good things that actually came out of it. It also led me to some great networking opportunities in terms of meeting new groups. And it also led me to other networking opportunities in terms of meeting new people.

So how do you decide? There is lots of conferences going on all the time? And it could, it's possible that, you know, you may get invited to a lot of meetings. And sometimes some meetings can just be a waste of time. How do you decide which one to go to and which one to skip? Logically, it is very simple, you just look at the subject of the conference, and you look at the speakers or the list of speakers and the agenda and the topics.

And if it makes sense, in the sense that if it appeals to your interest, then at least you are tempted to go. Whether or not your go is a different thing; but at least you know, there's temptation that yes, this is going to be interesting, I should go and it could lead to a decision where you actually end up going. But intuitively, it is completely different. You do not need to know the agenda, you need to have a general overview or a general outline of what the conference is going to be about.

But in terms of looking at all the other details, your intuition does not need that, because intuition is what Napoleon Hill describes as the Infinite Intelligence. And if you have been listening to the previous episodes, I broke down how that intuition is going to convey the message to you, or how a particular intuition whatever is your strongest one strongest intuitive sense is going to convey the message to you.

And if you are clairvoyant, then maybe you will see some images in front of your sixth sense, or your sixth chakra, which is an impression of an image, not a physical image, but more like the impression of an image. If you are clairaudience, then maybe you'll hear a soft whisper, saying that you have to go to this conference. And if you ignore it, it will keep coming again and bugging you that you have to go. And if you're claircognizant, you will just know that you have to go.

So in my particular case, it was more of Claircognizance that I knew I had to go and after that I did the readings. So even the readings were like, after the fact that I kind of knew that I had to go to this conference for whatever reason. Another difference is that logically you can be correct a lot of times, so logically, if the agenda and the speakers make sense, then you go and if not, you don't.

So even though logically you can be correct, a lot of times, you may miss out a few crucial things like maybe if the talk is boring, you may still end up making one connection that will lead you to multiple things. Intuitively, it's going to be very rare that you will be off in terms of making a decision.

So logical decisions, they can be off some of the times based on whether or not logic is going to follow through in the next series of events. It's almost; think about it as something that some decision that was made pre COVID, if people assumed logical things, or people assume things were to happen in a logical pattern, which is how they had always happened in the past, then all their decisions kind of went down the drain, because that was one time where your intuition would have been really, really strong and would have told you that don't do this because logic is not going to be true. In this particular instance, or for this particular decision.

Logically, it's almost like you are a person who's driving on the freeway in traffic. And what is the main route, you take the main route, and you take all the main exits. And since you are doing that, and there's 1000 or a million other people following the logical route, which is well carved out, you will find that that particular freeway is very, very crowded.

Intuitively, you can just skip that exit, and you can go to the next exit, and you can take the detour. So not only will you bypass the crowd, you may actually end up getting to your destination faster than if you had taken the logical route. So logically, everything looks systematic, and kind of one plus one equals two all the time, even though one plus one will be two all the times, but logically, everything looks very systematic.

Intuitive routes, however, are non traditional. So at first instance, they may seem to be questionable, you may question whether or not you're doing the right thing, whether or not you should pursue this path, because it is so out of logic. However, they will get you to your destination in an unconventional and non traditional manner.

Whenever you follow your intuition, you will find that you will get to the same destination in a very different manner. It's going to be very unconventional, very non traditional, and people will end up asking how did you do that. And since no two people's intuition is alike, their success stories are also going to be different, they are also going to follow different routes. And they will also go through unconventional and non traditional paths.

So whenever you read two people having achieved the same goal, you will find that the routes are different. Their milestones along the way may be slightly different or not the milestones, but the journey they made to get to the milestones will be slightly different. And this leads you to go back and sort of figure out what is your strongest intuitive sense?

And have you always listened to or paid attention to that particular sense? and followed it? Or did you just ignore it, and let it go. So it's almost as though you need to look back and see whether you use logic to make a decision, or whether you use intuition to make a decision. So next time when you are faced with a decision, you can try to defy logic and go with intuition and see where you land.

Because logically, you will almost know where you're going to land. But intuitively, you may not know because the journey is going to be different. So a lot of times what happens is entrepreneurs face these crucial moments or this crucial Crossroads where they need to decide, Should I turn right or should I turn left?

Should I go to this conference or should I skip this conference? Should I speak at this event number one, or should I speak at this event number two. And logically you may just arrive to one conclusion but intuitively, whatever is the answer you arrive at is going to be the one which is for your highest Good. And if you're looking to see what kind of decisions do entrepreneur face, will you be able to make a decision that guides you properly?

Then you can check out the creativity quiz. It's on the uncannylink.com/creativityquiz, and figure out what kind of decisions you're going to make. And all the examples in this quiz are from real life; examples of real life entrepreneurs who actually faced these situations and were unsure on what to do or which way to go.

And if you are trying to figure out what is the strongest intuitive sense you have, then you can check out some of the previous episodes, which is clairvoyance demystified, Clairaudience demystified, Claircognizance demystified, clairsentience demystified. And some of the other episodes. like 'five senses are not enough,' 'when logic competes,' and 'the impulsive instinct.' So hopefully you enjoyed this episode, and I would love to get comments and feedback from you.

And don't forget to check out the quiz. It's at the uncannylink.com/creativityquiz and go back and check in your life whether you made a decision based on logic and whether you made a decision based on intuition.

And if you did make it based on intuition, then did it disrupt any logical patterns? What kind of intuitive sense was your strongest? And what was the journey for you to get to the milestone? As opposed to if you have just followed the logical pattern? I will see you in the next episode. Bye


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S1:EP19 'Disrupting logical patterns' audiogram

S1:EP19 'Disrupting logical patterns' audiogram

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