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The Universe communicates in its own language starting with a soft whisper. If you don't act, the Universe will deliver a tap on the shoulder followed by a slap on the face..


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Every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force, Newton's first law of motion. Hey everybody, this is Vaishali and today we are going to look at universe's subtle direction in terms of making a decision or changing your current state. How the Newton's first law of motion actually applies to decision making for entrepreneurs.

The universe communicates in units of three. The first one is a whisper. The next one is a tap on the shoulder. And the third one is a slap on the face. And at the end of this episode, I will give you a couple of examples to demonstrate how the universe communicates in units of three. Before we get there, I wanted to talk a little bit about decision making. and decision making is the most crucial step for entrepreneurship or for any business. Because one decision can make or break either a business or a contract, or the profits or losses of a business.

At the time of this recording, there is no inherent technology for time travel, which means that you cannot go into the future and you cannot see what will be the outcome. If I choose option one versus option two. Yet our spirit has no bounds, and our spirit can time travel. And you can refer back to the episode which says five senses are not enough in which I describe and elaborate the senses of the Spirit. So in essence, the spirit has what Napoleon Hill calls Infinite Intelligence.

And it is up to the body to be able to communicate with the spirit and get directions. So at a human level, or at a body level, we only see something as an ordinary decision. And a lot of the entrepreneurs that come to me, they come to me for business decisions. And on the surface, it seems like a very normal thing or a very insignificant decision. Yet, if you look into the details of it, via the Spirit then you can essentially see what the difference is going to be if you travel on path one versus fat two.

And if you're curious to get some real life examples and exercises and quiz yourself on what kind of decisions entrepreneurs have to make, and which path will lead them to, quote unquote, the gold mine versus which path will lead them to just a bunch of obstacles, then you can head over to the uncanny link.com and sign up for the creativity quiz. And all the examples or all the questions in the creativity quiz are real life examples of people who have had to make decisions in their business.

And if they went one way, they would be essentially tapping into a goldmine. And if they went the other way, it wasn't more of a silver or bronze mine but it could be like maybe nothing would happen. So essentially, you're just kind of banging your head against the wall and just exhausting your time and resources by going in the other direction.

And at first glance, it can be a little bit difficult to comprehend this, but as you start observing and raising your awareness, you will start to get what it actually means. So using psychic readings is one way to be able to look at it. However, there are other ways and one of the other way is to ask the universe for confirmation.

And once you ask the universe for confirmation, believe it or not, you will receive the confirmation. So how does the spirit or the universe communicate, it communicates in units of three, or at least three, not necessarily with the same strength.

So the first one is a whisper. So it's a very slight whisper from the universe or very slight feeling or very soft knowledge that you need to do something. And most of the times, you will miss it because you do not have enough reference about what the universe is trying to tell you.

What the universe is giving you is more like a futuristic direction, which means that that it's trying to tell you that this is the action you need to take to get to whatever your goal is, and you, unfortunately, are sitting in present time and don't have sufficient reference to be able to understand or decode the message. So it's very easy to miss it. And most of the times you will miss it, but you can just kind of note it down, or make a note of it, and see if there is any confirming evidence. So that was the first one. So the first sign is a whisper.

The next sign is a tap on the shoulder. So again, the universe is trying to give you the message to be able to move forward or to take the action at a physical level. And it's giving you the direction by tapping on your shoulder. So it's the same thing presented in a different way. For instance, let's say that you are driving in your car up for a hike. And while driving in your car, you realize that Oh shoot, I think in a couple of days, my water bill is due and I need to pay it, otherwise, I'll have to be fine.

So that's just like a subtle thought that enters your mind. But because you're driving, you realize that you know what, I'll just take care of it when I go home. And it just kind of goes away into the universe. So then you go for your hike, can you come back and the next one is a tap on your shoulder. So maybe you forget about paying the bill.

And you get an email saying that your bill is now due in one day, you get an email the next day. And you realize that Oh, shoot, I thought about it yesterday, and I have to pay the bill. And I'll get to it tonight. So that was the tap on the shoulder, which was confirming the message you first had that you had to pay the bill. And now you're getting like a second sign or a second message.

The third one is a loud bang, which is essentially a slap on your face. Which means that the universe is urging you to go and do the thing or take the next step. And if you don't, you will definitely notice that something will change on a bigger level, which means that in the case of the bill, you forget to pay the bill because you didn't get to it at night. And then the next day, you get slapped with a fine because you already missed the due date. So that's the slap on the face.

It's almost like getting hit by a rock on the windshield when you're driving. And it's hard not to miss it, you have to take notice. So the third one is you definitely have to take action. Otherwise, they will probably say that if you don't pay the bill, then your water will be shut down. So now this situation has become a little bit more drastic. And now you definitely need to take action. So this is your slap on the face, that if you don't pay it now, then your water's going to get shut down.

So those are the three steps or the three units in which the universe communicates. I'll give you one another example. related to Amy, and this is a fictitious name. If you haven't heard any of my previous podcasts, you'll know what I'm talking about. That's like my most favorite name for the example. So Amy was introduced to someone. Let's just call this person, John.

So Amy gets introduced to to Jon somewhere, and there's just one minor exchange. So that is the first step, which is the soft whisper. So technically speaking, you have minor exchanges with a lot of people on a day to day basis. In theory, they don't really mean anything unless the universe sends you a confirming message saying that, you know, this will lead to something. So step number two is a tap on the shoulder.

So in this particular case, Amy gets a message from Tom, or somehow she comes across a presentation that Tom is doing. So she decides to sign up for the presentation. And even though it's a long presentation for two, three hours, she realizes that her schedule is, for some reason, open that day, and she goes up and signs up for the presentation and ends up attending it. Still, it doesn't really mean anything, because even though we are in step two, which is like a tap on the shoulder, she hasn't still connected the dots.

But that's just the universe's way of pushing you forward, or moving you forward or giving you directions in a subtle manner, that this is the path you need to take. So step number three is like a slap in the face, which is what happens is this is actually a real life story with the names changed. She ends up meeting with John after the webinar, or the presentation, and they decide to work together. And for some reason, Amy doesn't get back to him on time. And John poses a question that, why did it take you so long.

And Amy realizes that this is the universe's way of giving her a slap on the face that you need to move forward, else this opportunity is gone. So that's how the universe communicates in very subtle manner. But in incremental steps with increasing, I want to say volume, because that seems to be the right word, but essentially increasing intensity of the signal that the universe is trying to give you. So briefly, to summarize, you will see three distinct signs, which means that the first sign will be different than the second sign, and it could be different than the third sign.

And they'll have three different strengths. So as you move from one to two to three, you will realize that the intensity of the information or of the signal that the universe is trying to give increases. And they will come from three different sources, which means that most of the times the first and the second and the third sign are going to be unlike each other. And just to clarify, in case of the water bill, the first sign was a thought while driving.

And it was just a minor strength, because it's just a thought, you know, you kind of acknowledge it, but your reaction is, oh, I'll get to it when I go home. And it was just a thought. So that's the source.

The second sign is the email, or Yeah, it was the email. The second sign is the email which says that you need to pay the bill in one day or your bill is due in one day. So the strength of this is different because it is more on a physical level.

The first one was more on a spiritual level, which is a thought and this is more on a physical level, because it's an email, it's something where you can use your physical senses and be able to acknowledge it with your physical senses.

And then the source was the email. And then the third one is essentially a slap on the face, which is now you get an email or perhaps a phone call. And the strength of this is different in the sense that they are saying that if you don't pay the bill, we are going to turn off your water. So you definitely need to pay the bill.

And in this particular example, to just make it clear the source would be a phone call because that would be like a different strength, different source kind of thing. So that's how the universe communicates with you. And if you would like to check out some real life examples of entrepreneurs who were faced with making decisions, and who weren't sure of which way to go, then check out the creativity quiz on the uncannylink.com.

And you can just hit the quiz button, take the quiz. These that all real life examples of entrepreneurs who were at a point in time when they had to decide and they weren't sure which way to go. And depending on what kind of a decision you make, it impacts your future, it impacts your bottom line, and it impacts a lot of other things, including your health. Because if everything kind of goes wrong, then it impacts you.

So that is it for today's episode on universe's subtle direction. And I hope that you enjoyed this episode, and I will see you next time. Bye for now.


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S1:EP18 'Universe's subtle direction' audiogram

S1:EP18 'Universe's subtle direction' audiogram

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