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Clairsentience is a feeling about an object, person or a situation on what will play out in the near future.


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Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is clairsentience demystified. Clairsentience is one of the Claire's that I did not cover when I was doing clairvoyance and clairaudience and claircognizance.

I mentioned it briefly, but I did not get into the details. So this episode is all about clairsentience. So Clairsentience is made of two words, Clair and sentience, which means clear feeling.

And when it's referring to feelings, it's actually referring to feelings related to the spirit. So it's the ability to feel something without using any of the senses of the body. So without using our physical senses, essentially, it's using our spirit senses. clairsentience can be about different things.

And I'm just going to classify it, so that it's a little bit easier to understand what it exactly means. And then you can sort of either relate to it, or you may just feel that, you know, I don't think I'm using this ability or I have never used or tested this ability. So clairsentience can be about an object. And by object, I mean, something like a house, something like a building any of those kind of things.

So that is one, so clairsentience related to an object. The second one is clairsentience related to a situation. So in terms of a situation, what it would mean is something which you are about to do like an action you are about to perform, most likely sometime in the very near future.

So it could be like for instance, signing off on a contract to either buy a house or take up a job or hire a person. Or signing off a big contract for getting into a big program like a big educational program, which costs you maybe 10 k, 20k, 30 k that kind of a thing, or going to the bank to make a deposit related to a particular contract.

So all these could be situations, it could be about buying a car, maybe buying a used car, not a new car, well, it can be about a new car. But if we take it for a used car, the situation becomes a little different in the sense that there is more chance of something going wrong if we have a used car versus if we buy a new car.

So that's about a situation and then the lastly, or the last part is clairsentience related to a person, which means that in the sense of the Spirit, you and the other person or their spirit, you are so connected, that you can feel what they are feeling, you can feel what they are thinking you can feel what they are about to say or do or anything associated with this particular person.

So those are the three different ways of kind of broadly classified on how you can have a sense of clairsentience. Now to make this matter most more interesting, it just seems like mercury is retrograde and I cannot seem to get the right words out of my mouth for some reason. To make the situation more interesting clairsentience can be related to the past, related to the present or related to the future.


So I'm just going to take the example of the house and just explain what this means. So let's say related to the past, which means that you are about to buy a new house, let's say that you want to buy a new house. And then you just go and step into this house. And you get some sort of an eerie feeling, almost as though something is wrong. And even though everything looks perfect, something just seems off.

And that's just your spirit trying to tell you that either something bad has happened, if you're looking at the past, or, if you're looking at the future, something bad is going to happen here. And it could also be related to the present. And in the present time, which is the time or the moment you walk into the house, you will have some sort of reaction as far as your body is concerned.

So even though we are dealing with the senses of the Spirit, they get transmitted because of the spirit body connection to your body; and at the body level, you will have some sort of reaction. And depending on the person, the reaction is going to be different. So this is using clairsentience for the past, for the present and for the future. So I'm going to give you a couple of examples, a couple of real life examples of some different people. And I'm just going to make up some fictitious names.

And the examples are real and the situations are real, the names are just not real. So the first one is related to a house. So let's say that person number one, which is Amy, she walks into this house and she and her agent, they look at the house and everything looks perfect. And the house is according to Amy's liking and the agent asks her as to what was going on.

And Amy says that she likes the house. But she just doesn't feel it. Even though she doesn't say anything, she just doesn't feel it. It's almost like lacking a connection between yourself and the house, that maybe she feels she doesn't belong there.

Or maybe she feels that the house is not going to be hers for whatever reason. So she lets that go. And then she goes in for a final walkthrough to be able to finalize the house. So this is when they have seen it a few times.

And then they're just about to finalize it. And when she's about to do that, she goes in, she looks at the house, everything looks cool. And everything is according to her liking, everything checks out. As soon as they get out of the house, the agent tells her that 'Oh, by the way, didn't you just say that you wanted to see this house number to remember, it was on the market, it actually fell off the market. So now we can go and see it.'

So Amy goes and sees house number two. It's kind of funny and a little bit weird as well, because she was almost about to sign off on the papers for house number one and now here she is looking at house number two. And when she walks into house number two, she kind of feels a connection. And she realizes that maybe this is the house for her.

And the bottom line of the story is she ended up buying house number two. So that is clairsentience in terms of an object, which is the house and in this particular case, it also applies to the situation, which is about to make a purchase and also the person which is Amy.

So we saw all the three different categories of clairsentience in this particular example, that was not my intention, my intention was to just focus on the object. Alright, so now example number two and this one is related to a situation.

So in terms of a situation, let's just take up another name say John. So John is about to go and make a deposit in the bank for a transaction, and he and his friend, I'm just going to name him Tom. So he and his friend are talking. And there, John is about to make the deposit for a transaction. And as he drives towards the bank, something just doesn't feel right. It's almost like he has this sick feeling in the gut of his stomach that he shouldn't be doing the deposit. But then he has spoken to Tom, and they are about to do the deal of the transaction. And he's kind of not sure. However, he still goes in the bank walks in the bank and tells the banker that I need to do this wire.

And the banker just punches in all the information, they have some sort of a casual conversation, and then the banker says that one of the numbers, the routing numbers is off. And john says, That's okay, I can come back with the right number, because the number is at home, and I don't have it on me. So the banker tells him that it won't be today, it's going to be tomorrow. So john is a little surprised, a little happy, a little sad. And he's a little bit unsure of what's really going on, because he didn't want to do it. And he's going and doing the wire, and then he's not able to do the wire.

So he's just not sure of what to make of it. So he goes home, and he calls Tom and discusses the situation. And then the next day, he just takes a printout with him so that he doesn't miss out any numbers. And again, he is driving to the bank The next day, and the whole time he is driving, he has a sick feeling in the gut of his stomach that I'm not sure if I should be doing this. But I have to do this kind of a situation. So he goes and this time, he actually sends the wire, which means that the money has actually gone out from his bank account, and the wire has been taken care of.

And he comes home and he tells Tom that, hey, the wire was done. So as a day and two days pass, John feels that something is off, and he starts making more calls, and he figures out that something is really off. So he is in a little bit of trouble, because he had already sent the wire. So he makes a lot of phone calls. And he realizes that he could actually recall it for whatever reason he had. So I don't remember the exact reason, this is the real situation. I don't remember the exact reason but he goes and then he recalls the wire and he gets his money back.

So even though it ended well, he had several warning signs. The first one, and since we're talking clairsentience, the first one was he was getting a sick feeling in his stomach that something was wrong when he was driving the first day. So that is number one. Number two is there was some error, or maybe a mistake in terms of getting the correct routing information. So that's almost like the universe playing a game saying don't do it. But sometimes we like to learn it the hard way.

So, he goes in the third time. Or in this case, it was a third sign when he's driving back the next day, and again, he gets a sick feeling. So all these are signs of clairsentience. And the situation in this case is John having to do the wire. And the person involved is John itself. So this is another example of how clairsentience plays out. So he had one warning sign after another after another and he did whatever he had to

do or wanted to do but his clairsentience was giving him the information on giving him the warning that this is not the right way to go. So that was related to a situation. So example number three is related to a person. So in case of a person, clairsentience works in a way that you can actually sense what the other person is feeling. And sometimes, when the feelings are too intense, you can almost pick up the energy of the other person.

So, it's almost like, even though there is a physical distance between you and this other person, you can still sense what they are sensing, or you can still feel what they are feeling. And sometimes it can be in the form of Oh, I thought about him and I got a call from him. So it's almost like you're picking up the energy of the other person, you're picking up the thoughts of the the person. So, you do not need to be in physical proximity, there can be physical distance between you and the other person, like, Oh, I thought about him and I got a call from him.

Or it is if you are going to be in physical proximity, which means that if you are going to meet this person, then before you meet this person, you get a sense of what is going to happen, and you feel it in your body. So you feel it in your spirit, but it kind of gets transmitted to the body. So you kind of feel it in your body that for this is about to happen, or the person is about to do this kind of a thing. And then your mind starts going in different directions as to what you are going to do and how you're going to react.

So that is clairsentience related to a person, which is you can think of the present, or the past or the future. In all the three dimensions, it actually gives you the feelings of what has happened with the person before what is happening in present time, that like this person is thinking about me, you just get a sense. And then the future, which is, I think I'm going to get a call and you actually get a call. So that is clairsentience. So now I'm just going to link and connect this to how you can use it in your business, or if you are an entrepreneur. So let's say that you're about to take up a project.

And you're just about to sign a contract. But something says that, Oh, I just don't feel good about it. So that's just clairsentience communicating to you that either the contract is not going to go well or something is off, or maybe things are just going to fall apart. So in that particular case, without having any additional information, you may just want to pause and try and get the additional information about all the red flags that you have. And it could be a business contract, it could be signing off on a lease when you're just about to rent a new space.

Or you're about to buy a building or buy a home. So a couple things you can check is how do you feel about it? Do you feel good about it? Or like the case of the bank wire? Do you feel sick in your stomach? The second way to get additional information and there is an episode called 'Combining collective intelligence' where you can go in and listen to that episode where I show you how you can verify certain information by using different types or pieces of evidences. So in this particular case, you have to find out if it triggers any of your other clairs.

And does it give you any additional information. For instance, if clairsentience is coupled with clairaudience, then you may just hear a soft whisper about why you shouldn't be signing off on the contract. If clairsentience is coupled with clairvoyance, then you may just see a vision that maybe they're going to run out of money. Or you're going to get into a big fight or something.

And if it's coupled with claircognizance, then you'll just know as to why you shouldn't be signing off on the contract. One other thing, and this is if you have face to face meetings, is you can look into the eyes of a person. And that is another episode I have. where I talk about 'Eye contact speaks,' I think that's the name of the episode where I talk about how looking into the eyes of the person you can actually decode a lot of the information.

So, you can use clairsentience along with the eye contact in order to determine the additional piece of the information. So, a sense by itself can give you some information, but you need additional reference in order to make sense of the information. And clairsentience by itself will just give you the information but because you are in present time and the information is related to the future, you may not be able to make sense of it.

And this is the reason you should couple it with one of the other Claire's and if you haven't had a chance you can listen to the episodes which are clairvoyance, demystified, Clairaudience demystified, Claircognizance demystified. And when 'eye contact speaks,' 'combining collective intelligence,' all these episodes, they are all building upon the same principle, which is just one piece of information is not going to be enough for you. Even though it gives you the information you need additional information, to be able to make sense of it.

Not that it is incorrect, but in order to make sense of it. So hopefully, you enjoyed this episode about clairsentience and as far as the homework is concerned, what I would like you to do is go back in your life, and figure out if you've had clairsentience come into play when you maybe bought a house, or if you rented an apartment.

Or if you had clairsentience come into play related to a situation like walking into a house walking into an apartment, or trying to hire someone or related to a person when you just talked about someone and you got a call from them.

Or you could pick up the energy of the person from far away. And you could tell what was going to happen. And you can make a comment on the website in Episode 15. clairsentience demystified and I would love to hear from you. And until then, take care. I will see you in the next episode.


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S1:EP15 'Clairsentience demystified' audiogram

S1:EP15 'Clairsentience demystified' audiogram

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