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Your soul acts as a translator when you look into someone's eyes.


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Vaishali Nikhade 0:02
Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is all about when eye contact speaks. I am really excited about today's episode because it's going to combine physics and metaphysics or science and woo. It's more like science and woo because there's a little more than physics involved here. So let's start with the physical sense, which is the eye.

And eyes are used for vision. And most of us are fortunate to have eyes. And we can use them to see things. Eyes are also the windows to the soul. And the soul in a sense, as soon as we start dealing with the soul, we are dealing with metaphysics, so anything related to the soul to the spirit, we are dealing with metaphysics, and I talked a little bit about this in the episode "When metaphysics makes the decision for you."

And the five senses are not enough. So if you haven't had a chance, you can go back and look to these episodes, one of them is called "Five senses and not enough." And one of them is called 'When metaphysics makes the decision for you.' So when you look into somebody's eyes, or when you look into somebody's soul, you can, in essence, read a truth or a lie.

You can, of course, read a lot more, but you can figure out if whatever the other person is saying is true, or it is not true. So sometimes people may say that, "Can you look me in the eye and say that," - that's because when you look somebody in the eye, the other person may be able to pick up a lot more than the verbal statement that was made.

One other thing is, someone may say that, you know, he was saying something and his face changed or his facial expression changed. Which means that the face or the facial expression, or even his voice changed, you may say that, oh, he was just talking to me on the phone and his voice changed.

And then based on that voice, you can figure out like, what was going on what was going wrong? Or what is an additional piece of information that the person was trying to convey, but they did not express it or say it in words. So that is when you're speaking to each other on the phone.

But when you look into the other person's eyes, you can also see their facial expression. And based on the facial expression, you can determine whether whatever the person said, matches the facial expression, or maybe there's a little bit of a mismatch. But whether it's the face or the voice, or the ears that you're listening with, it's still at the body level.

And by face, I mean, looking at somebody's face where you're using the eyes. But what happens is, you're looking into the other person's soul.

And when you are looking into the other person's soul, even if the person does not change their expressions, even if they decide to have more of a stone face on a static face or a face which will not give them any expressions, the soul will give away; which means that the answer is almost transparent to the observer of the soul. And it is almost as though you are talking to the person, but the communication is happening at a spirit level.

And your soul is giving you the information on what the other person is trying to say. And just for the sake of this episode, I'm just going to use a hypothetical person by the name of JOHN, just because I am so creative. That's the only name I can come up with right now. But let's say that I'm looking into John's eyes.

And based on whatever John's said, my soul is essentially telling me that, hey, John is not telling you the truth. Or hey, John is sort of telling you the truth, or John is completely telling you the truth.

So all these variations, my soul can essentially decode these. And my soul is trying to tell me, in addition to what John is saying, whatever it is, that the message involves, in terms of whatever John's statement has been. Which brings back to the point about language. And language is nothing more than a means of communication.

We have verbal language, where we speak, and we utter words. And this is at a body level. Well, you could say it's happening at a science level, because there is sound involved. And then we have a language which is at a spirit level, or at the metaphysical level. And this is at a higher level than the voice that is being uttered, or whatever is the spoken word. S

o the language of the soul, is what we are looking into when we look into the other person's eyes. And I covered a little bit about this communication in the episode, which is titled "Clairaudience demystified" where I showed you how you can communicate with the other person by essentially establishing eye contact.

And I gave you an example over there as well. So if you haven't had a chance to listen, then you may enjoy the episode. It's called "Clairaudience demystified." So anything that is brought into physical life, it first originates as a thought, which means that it's happening first at a spirit level. And then it gets converted to body level.

Which means that whenever you are looking into the other person's eyes, you are also connecting to the soul of that person. And in this particular example, let's say that I'm looking into John's eyes, and I am connecting with his soul. By connecting with the soul of the person, you can read that energy at a spirit level.

What does that mean? It means that my soul is acting as a translator. And my soul is translating whatever John's soul is trying to convey, in addition to the spoken word,

So that I can understand exactly what John is trying to say, in addition to whatever he is saying, like additional information around his sentence, so it's almost like I'm getting a lot more reference and a lot more context from his statement when I'm using my soul, and my soul is doing the translation.

So how would the soul do the translation? If clairvoyance is your predominant sense, then you may actually see an image which is explaining the information. So I may see a visual in front of my third eye without physically seeing the image. And that's really my soul trying to explain what John is saying. If clairaudience is my predominant sense, then I may hear a whisper, a soft whisper, as though my spirit is trying to tell me additional information about what John is saying.

So in a sense, my spirit is trying to decode his thoughts beyond the spoken word. And if claircognizance is my predominant sense, then I just know, my spirit just knows that, oh, John is saying this. But in essence, he means this, and this, and this and this.

So just by looking into the other person's eye, you'll know what's going on in their mind. And you'll know what's going on in their thoughts. So essentially, you're almost decoding their thoughts. And your soul is acting as a translator, or a decoder and giving you that information. And if you wanted to talk psychically, to that person, in this case, if I want to talk psychically, to John, I could almost express my verbal question through my eyes, and see the answer in the other person's eye.

Which means that I could just ask John, that, "Why does it matter to you?" And even without saying that words, saying those words or saying that sentence; I'm telling john, with my eyes that, why does it matter to you, and whatever John feels, or whatever John is trying to say, he will express his answer through his soul, which will get conveyed to me via his eyes, in my soul.

And this is the reason that people say that, "Can you look me in my eye and say it," which means that when you look into the other person's eye, you can almost determine whether the other person is telling the truth or not. Because at a physical level, you can still say the words, but when you look into the other person's eye, you are connecting with them metaphysically, or via the soul.

And your soul can essentially tell you whether it is the real truth, or it is not. Whether you mean what you say or what you say, and what you mean are two different things. So next time, if you are unsure on whether somebody is telling the truth or not, you can just look in their eyes and start a conversation or start a dialogue.

And if you maintain that eye contact, you will be able to pick up a lot more information about what they are trying to say. So it's just a fun way to start communicating with someone without words without physically using words. And then you can look into their eyes and see what happens.

So it's almost like a silent communication, in terms of sound. But you're using the soul as a means of communication. And the window to the soul is through the eyes. And that's why people say that 'Eyes are the windows to the soul.' Did you look into his eyes? Or people say that, "Oh, I looked into his eyes and I knew he was the one," which is almost like love at first sight.

And what love at first sight means is you look into the other person's eyes, and you'll instantaneously connect with their soul. The key is sight, which means that you're using the eyes. And because you're using the eyes, the two souls are connected via the eyes, which is a physical sentence. And then the souls are actually talking or conversing with each other, and people will just try to justify the attraction.

So this is why it is called love at first sight, because as soon as you look into the other person's eyes and the two souls connect; you almost know whether he is the one on he's not the one, whether she's the one or she's not the one. And sometimes the connection between two souls can be so intense, it's almost like an electric current flowing between the two people are the two souls.

And you'll be able to feel or sense this attraction. So whenever there is a large amount of attraction, then you may just feel it between the two souls, and hence between the two bodies. So how does this apply to entrepreneurship? You can use this to find a business partner.

For instance, let's say that you go to a networking meeting. And you're just looking for a specific person, let's just say that you're looking for a social media manager. And you can just have a two minute conversation with maybe five people or 10 people and ask the same question. And you'll pick up a couple of people with whom you will find a connection.

And the conversation may not have even been about social media, it may have been about something else. But because the soul is connected, they express their desire to each other. And you know, there's a connection, and then maybe you end up working with that person on social media, or maybe you end up working with that person somewhere else.

So this is one way you can use the eye contact for the connection between the two souls. You can also use it for a romantic partner, which is "I looked into his eyes, and I knew he was the one." So if you look into the person's eyes, and you feel that something is off, it almost means that your soul is giving you that there's a red flag here, you need to proceed with caution. You can also use it to see if someone is telling the truth, which is let's say that you are in a business meeting.

And let's say John, one more time is making all sorts of claims. And you can just look into his eyes. And you can almost tell whether what he's saying, is that true? Or it's a little bit exaggerated, or nothing. What about what he's saying is true. You can also use that to see or gauge the amount of an offer. For instance, let's say that you are trying to interview a social media manager, because that's the example I took up a few minutes ago.

So let's say you have like 10 people, and you're interviewing them for the position of a social media manager. And you tell him that, okay, "So I'll hire you as a social media manager." And your salary is going to be $40,000 a year. And you look into this person's eyes, and you can almost sense his answer. You can almost sense if this salary is acceptable to him, if the salary is too high from his expectations, or if the salary is too low from his expectations.

So it's something you can play with when you're looking into the other person's eyes. And you can almost determine the answer. What is their the person trying to say? So even before you give them the offer, even before they sign off on the offer, you almost know whether this person is in or whether this person is out.

And if you really like the person and if you feel that the offer you're making to them is too low, you can just play with the amount and say, Hey, do you think 50,000 is going to be a better deal for you? And that way, you can almost determine on the spot. Whether or not this person is going to accept the offer or they're going to turn it down - at least for the amount. Now, there may be other things involved along with the offer amount, and you may or may not be able to determine those, but you'll definitely be able to rule out the salary or the dollar amount as one key factor in terms of the other person being able to accept the offer.

So next time when you look into someone's eyes, and when you're trying to ask a question or hold a conversation, go and try to read and try to see what is the additional information the other person is trying to convey?

And you can play with the information, which means that you can just tease them and flirt with them about it. Or you can just use that as a leverage for yourself. And this is your homework really; to go and talk to two or three people and just find out like, what else is involved in the information that they are trying to convey.

And you don't necessarily have to be looking into the physical eyes since we are in the Covid lockdown. You can also look at them on a screen, and still look at their eyes and be able to tell whether or not they are telling the truth or what additional information it is that they are trying to convey.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I look forward to chatting with you next time and until then, have fun


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S1:EP12 'Eye contact speaks' audiogram

S1:EP12 'Eye contact speaks' audiogram

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