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combining collective intelligence

S1: EP11 Combining collective intelligence


A single sense by itself is limited, the power of collective senses always rules


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Vaishali Nikhade 0:01
Hello, everybody, and welcome. This is Vaishali and today's episode is about combining collective intelligence. What exactly does that mean? I'm going to get into it in just a few minutes. So far, we have looked at three different clair's; which is clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

And if you haven't had a chance to listen to the past episodes, then you may want to go and listen to the last, say, four or five episodes where I talk and discuss each of these clair's in detail. There is one more thing I wanted to say before moving forward. And that is, there are some other clair's which I will mention just for reference.

One of them is clairsentience, which is clear feeling, which means that you actually get a feeling about something that's going to happen in the future. And you just know from that feeling, whether whatever's going to happen is going to be a good thing, or it's going to be a bad thing.

In addition to clairsentience, there are three other Clair's which are connected to the human senses, or parallel of the human senses of taste, touch and smell. So the one connected to the sense of smell, it's called clairscent. The one connected to the sense of touch is commonly known as psychometry.

And psychometry, is when somebody has an object, and they take the object in their hand, or essentially, touch it with the hand, which is why it's related to the sense of touch, they can give you all sorts of information about the object.

And the last one is related to the taste, which is known as clairaugustance. And this one is to be able to know what something tastes like, without physically having tasted that thing.

So for instance, imagine that you are a winemaker. And you're making different kinds of wines. And you're using different recipes on how to make that wine taste better. And if you were using your clairaugustance, with the clair, you would potentially know that if I mix one and two, how the wine would taste versus if I mix one and three, how the wine would taste versus if I mix one with maybe one thirds of number two and one thirds of number three, how the wine is going to taste.

So that is about knowing how something is going to taste without physically tasting it with our physical tongue. Which is pretty fascinating. And I haven't used this clair yet. So I'm going to have to do some experiments and check this out, see how it actually works.

So there is no one clair which is better than the other. It's all about what is giving you the information. If we look at the human senses, and in particular, if we look at an example of a person in a classroom, some people may learn just by listening or by hearing.

And some other people they may like to hear and take notes. And some other people may like to see the screen or they need to have some sort of visual in terms of them to be able to grasp the concept or grasp the information.

So there's no right or wrong type of learning. It's just whatever works for you. What is important is to have the awareness of what's working best.

For instance, if I have to learn, do I learn better by just hearing? Do I learn better by hearing and taking notes? Or do I learn better by hearing and seeing the images or seeing pictures in front of me.

And the best way to do this is, of course, you can experiment or you can use one of your clairs to find out what's the best learning method for you. Most of the times, however, it's usually more than one sense that is involved.

Whether it's for learning as in a physical sense, or a 'clair' as an metaphysical sense. And different clair's can trigger in at different times. And a lot of the awareness, it comes from practice; as you start practicing it and as you start playing with it, you will realize as to which clair is triggering at which time, and which one of them is your predominant player.

First time it happens, you may miss it. And at the end of this episode, I'm going to give an example of how I had just one clair trigger, and I missed what it meant. But it still gave me enough information.

So it's important to be able to keep notes so that you can keep your awareness up as you can increase your level of awareness. And most of the times, this is not an instant thing. As you start playing with that, you will discover more and more of it.

And you will realize that it's more of a journey than being at the destination, which means that it's more of a marathon but not a sprint. Our human senses do not operate in isolation. That is why we have five senses.

And we use a combination of these sensors in order to collect and gather the data. And it's this collective intelligence, which is used to come to a conclusion.

And since the senses operate, almost simultaneously, notice that I said almost and not exactly. But since these senses operate almost simultaneously, it's hard to know what happened first. And I'm going to demonstrate it with an example. Let's just take the instance of a person. In fact, what you can do is hopefully you're not driving when you're listening to this.

So if you're stationary, what you can do is just visualize yourself as though you're driving on a freeway. And everything is looking good. You're just hoping the traffic is all smooth, and your car is moving forward.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear a big bang of a sound. And that literally kind of jerks you off a little bit. And because it's a big sound, or because it's a big bang, you suddenly wonder what happened. But without using any of your other senses, it is hard to come to a conclusion.

And that is why I mentioned the term collective intelligence. It's hard to tell if the sound came from a flat tire. Say someone was driving in the tire went flat, it would make a big sound or a stone hit your windshield. So if something hits your windshield, that's going to make a big sound or it was something else.

So imagine that two seconds later, you have gone a little further down the freeway. And the cars in front of you have slowed down as you're traveling. Once you listen to that sound, the cars in front of you brake and they have slowed down.

And then you use your eyes or your sense of sight and see that there are two cars next to each other, and they are deformed. And you'll see smoke coming out from one of the cars.

So as you have traveled in time, you get more information with your eyes, which is the two cars in front of you, the traffic that has slowed down, and the smoke coming from the cars, either one car or both the cars.

And if the smoke is intense enough, or if your windows are rolled down even slightly, then you may even be able to smell the smoke, in which case you're using your sense of smell. So now you have collected information from different senses. Initially, what you heard was just the sound, which is you're using your ears, or the sense of hearing. And then you use your sense of sight, or vision.

Or you use your eyes to see that the traffic has slowed down and two cars next to each other in what looks like a car wreck. And the smoke in addition to that, along with the sense of smell is just adding confirmation.

So now you're using three senses, and you're collecting the information from all these senses. And together you are coming to a conclusion that the sound that you had heard two or three minutes ago was somewhat related to this correct. So most of the times the clair's work the same way that there is no one piece of information; you need collected evidence in order to come to a conclusion.

One piece of information is only going to give you some information. The information is there, but you do not have enough reference to come to a conclusion.

And when you are adding all the senses, it's actually adding more reference. And then all of these pieces of evidence when combined together is what leads you to the conclusion of what exactly happened.

So in terms of the Clair's, it's going to work the same way. When you have claircognizance along with clairvoyance, you'll just know the information and you may actually see something with your third eye. Which is just a vision of something without actually seeing the physically seeing the image.

Claircognizance along with Clairaudience; you will know the information and you may just hear some sort of a soft whisper. And lastly clairvoyance along with clairaudience, you may see something with your third eye and you may hear something with your third ear. And I talked about third ear a couple episodes - in the last couple of episodes. I'll make a note to link it in the notes.

So I have one example which holds some information about how I had one clair triggered. And because it was just one piece of information, I did not have enough information to be able to come to a conclusion.

Sometime in the last few weeks, I was going for a hike in the morning which is my exercise. And as I was getting ready to go to the hike, I had Clairaudience hit me and tell me that I shouldn't go to the hike. And that was it.

And as soon as I heard that information, I shouldn't go to the hike, I started questioning myself. I said, Oh my god, I'm just talking myself out of going for the hike, just because I don't want to exercise. So all the more reason to go for a hike. So I decided to go.

And as I started driving there, I come close to the trail gate. And I don't see any cars parked. And I was wondering why it was so quiet. And as I'm getting closer and closer to the parking lot, I don't see any cars in the parking lot.

And as soon as I look at the trail gate, there are warnings posted, saying fire danger. And essentially, that the parks are closed, because of fire danger, violators will be prosecuted. So not only would there be a danger of fire, violators will also be prosecuted.

So what happened is I had the information about not going to the hike, but because I did not either ask for any more information or use any of my other Claire's or do anything more about it, the information was not sufficient, it was insufficient.

The information was hundred percent correct, which meant or said that don't go for the hike. Because I would potentially have to come back because the parks were closed. So if I had waited, and if I had asked for more information or looked at the situation more closely, I would have known what that information meant.

So whenever the evidence is combined using more than one sense, and everything points towards the same thing, then it's very easy to come to a conclusion about what that information is trying to say or trying to convey.

Otherwise, it's just a piece of information without the proper reference. And the reference is really what's creating the magic. In this case, the reference was there is fire danger.

But I was only using one piece of information, which is don't go for a hike. So your homework this time is to go back a few moments in time, maybe a few incidents, when you had any of these triggers, and find out what kind of information you got. And if you actually followed, whatever the information was, that you got, and what actually happened, did you end up comparing what you got with what you happen?

Did you have only one clair operating? Or did you have more than one clair operating to get the information? And you can post this in the episode comments on

And I would love to hear what kind of experiences you've had. And did you get the complete information? Or did you get only partial information? Did you follow the advice that was presented to you by the clair's or did you just ignore it? And in either case, what was the result?

So that's it for this time, and I will see you in the next episode. Until then, take care


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S1:EP11 'Combining collective intelligence' audiogram

S1:EP11 'Combining collective intelligence' audiogram

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