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Claircognizance is to know the essence of the information without knowing the who, what, when, where, why details


Episode Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome this is Vaishali and we are on to episode number 10 which is claircognizance. So I hope that you had a chance to listen to my last episode which is "Written words whisper" and go back and check some of your messages or emails and see if you were able to capture the emotions of the sender.

So in terms of claircognizance, claircognizance is made of two words, clair and cognizance. Clair meaning clear and cognizance meaning knowledge or to know. Claircognizance is also referred to as the 'knowingness,' meaning that you just know, as in clear knowing. So, what exactly does that mean? It means that exactly what I just said that you just know which is there is no justification on the when, where, why, what how, but you just know.

And because of this, it is very difficult to understand it when Claircognizance actually hits you, or you actually get a message with your claircognizant abilities; and I'm going to cover that a little bit further down the road in this episode itself.

And all of this is because our frame of reference is related to present time, which means that when clair cognizance is giving us information pertaining to the future, we are not able to connect the dots, because as far as we are concerned we are still living in present time and the future, whatever it shows is seemingly far off.

Claircognizance is an ability of the seventh chakra and I covered a little bit on the chakras in the episode titled "Five senses are incomplete." And if you haven't had a chance to listen to that episode, please go back. And you're welcome to listen to that episode.

So how exactly does clair cognizance work? Claircognizance is an impulse of a thought which comes out of nowhere. And because it's an impulse, it comes very suddenly, the duration of it is limited to the content of the message. And once the message is delivered, it's gone.

And usually it happens in one of two manners. The first one is claircognizance related to an answer that we are looking for. Which means that we are actually asking the Universe for an answer, or you can think of it as 'on demand.' And the second one is related to a future event, which means that it's giving you information related to the future.

But because you're in present time, you may or may not be able to relate to this particular piece of information. So, when you exercise the first one, which is asking for an answer and getting the information, you just get a download from the universe. And that particular download just contains your answer. Think of it as a divine download, which just has your answer.

The only thing is you do not have control on the timing when the Universe is going to give it to you.

And then the second one is the predictive one which is related to the future. This particular Claircognizance, it comes to you before the event happens Like I mentioned earlier,

a lot of the times you won't be able to relate to it because your reference is in present time. And the predictive claircognizance is showing you the future. And I actually just experienced this just before this episode a few weeks back; just to be able to quote it in this episode, I think.

So usually it comes with no warning. It's just a flash, it disappears. And when you try to analyze it, you will not be able to, it's just going to happen in the blink of an eye. The information will be presented to you and then it's gone.

Claircognizance is different from logical thinking or trying to analyze anything to be able to derive an answer or to get an answer. It is characterized by no logic, which means that logical thoughts will not justify whatever claircognizant message is, when it when it comes to you because it has a different reference.

Our reference is present time and claircognizant reference is that of what is going to occur or that of future time. It doesn't follow any rules, it usually makes its own rules, and it will come in its own time in own manner. Although there are ways where you can activate claircognizance, and I'll be talking about that further down the road, not in this episode.

Our reference is most of the times based on our present circumstances. And because of this, unless you experience some sort of clear cognizance or you have examples of somebody else who has experienced it, it will be a little bit challenging in the beginning to be able to relate to it. And I covered this in one of the episodes, "It's all about the reference."

So I'll just give you an example of future claircognizance which happened to me recently. I go for a hike in the morning on a trail close by and this particular morning, I just got an impulse of a thought that 'don't go.' Just skip the hike today. And because my frame was present time, I did not really get what that message was trying to tell me. So I tried to reason with the message and said that "Why would I skip the hike today?"

And I decided to go. So once I go at the trail gate, there was a notice over there, which said that parks closed because of fire danger, which is what Claircognizance was telling me, it was just delivering the solution, which is don't go. So I go and then I end up coming back.

But claircognizance doesn't give you any reasons. It just gives you the answer, which is 'Don't go' and my present tense or my present time was I'm trying to justify why would I skip my exercise today? So I ended up going. Claircognizance will never resort to any force or any pressure. Most of the times your mind needs to be in a calm state in order to receive the message as opposed to being in a chaotic state.

If your mind is full of chaos, it's very hard for you to distinguish a subtle message from the universe versus the chaos that's going on in your mind or the noise that's going on in your mind. So now I wanted to talk a little bit about combining the abilities or combining the clairs. So claircognizance, along with clairvoyance; you will see a vision along with the thought.

So in the case of the hike, along with the clairvoyance, I would have seen a vision or the impression of an image of the park gates showing "parks closed because of fire danger."

But clairvoyance doesn't happen to be one of my strongest sense. It's clairaudience and claircognizance, which is stronger which is claircognizance delivered the message to me, and it was in isolation. It was not combined with any of the other senses, and that's why I did not get the full message I got an essence of the message without the circumstances around it.

When claircognizance is combined with clairaudience, you'll hear a soft whisper along with the thought. So in case of the hike example, I would have heard a soft whispers saying "Fire danger, don't go." Since claircognizance is an ability of the seventh chakra, your seventh chakra needs to be the predominant chakra in order to be able to get these kind of impulses.

And then you can combine it with either clairvoyance or clairaudience. So you may say, so what? How does this relate to entrepreneurship and how would it be useful for an entrepreneur. So I'm going to give out a few examples. So how claircognizance could possibly strike and how you can use it in the future or for the future.

For instance, let's say that you have a bill that is due and for whatever reason, you know, you kind of forgot that today is the last day to pay it, otherwise there's going to be a late fee or a fine and claircognizance will just come in the form of a thought and just tell you that today's the last day to pay the bill and then you either go online or call them, and you realize that oh today's the last day and if I don't pay today, then I'll have to pay a fine.

If you are an entrepreneur and getting into a joint venture with someone, claircognizance may just come and tell you that don't do it. And because everything looks good on the surface, because you are in present time, just like I was in present time for my hike, you will go and do it anyway. And then the deal will turn out to be a disaster.

So in that particular case, what you can do is proceed with caution. Let's say you're trying to hire an employee or you're trying to hire a contractor or an assistant, a virtual assistant for your business. Claircognizance on the surface will say don't do it. And if all looks great on the surface, you may just go and do it and then it what will happen is that the employee or the virtual assistant or the contractor, things may not work out with them.

Another example would be let's say that it's February of 2020. And you are trying to buy a gym. I mean, why not? Gyms are pretty lucrative business and most of the people who have gyms they're making a lot of money and it's a good business to have. So you decide to buy a gym.

Claircognizance will tell you that don't do it, because it's going to be a disaster. But you go based on present time and say that everything is looking good. All the gyms are making money. My friend Tom has a gym and that's making money. So why shouldn't I?

So logically, your answer is yes, go and do it. Analytically, your answer is yes. Because you just tried to justify it and gave yourself 10 examples of people who have done it and everything looks good. Claircognizance is telling you don't do it. So you go and do it anyway. And COVID hits and it turns out to be a huge disaster.

So in this particular case, the best you can do without more information, and I'll tell you how to get the more information, you can just proceed with caution, or put the deal off for a little bit. And it would be the same thing. If you're trying to invest in a company and everything looks good.

All your partners say yes, it's all good. Everything checks out. Let's do it. Logically, it's a yes; analytically, it's a yes. Claircognizance is telling you don't do it. So depending on what kind of a person you are, and based on your past experiences, you'll do one of two things.

You may succumb to peer pressure and do the deal and when things don't work out, claircognizance will come back and say, I told you so. And you do not succumb to peer pressure and back off, in which case, you may be pleasantly surprised because you listened to your claircognizance.

And let's just say that the deal was related to purchasing a gym in February of 2020. And you were presented this opportunity. So you may want to go back and look at your past experiences, whether you succumb to peer pressure or whether you just decided to go based on your own intuition based on claircognizance.

And the last point I wanted to touch upon is if you have claircognizance, then what are the limitations? Because it seems that claircognizance is giving you information related to the future when you use the predictive claircognizance, it all depends on the questions you ask.

And as a reader, I have seen tens and hundreds of times that I get the information based on the questions I ask. And when I first started out, I didn't know what was going on, because I would ask a question, and I would see the answer as needed.

And whatever played out, would be exactly according to the answer, but it turns out that I had asked the wrong question. So that's just the universe's way of playing with me and surprising me.

And even today, whenever I read people and whenever I work with people, I focus more on the question, then in looking at the reading and looking at the answer, because the answer is all dependent on what kind of question you ask, and what kind of question you ask has a lot of importance. And I'll cover this in a future episode because once you acquire these abilities, your limitations will start coming into play.

Part of it is your frame of reference, part of it is your prior experiences, and part of it is how you use your creativity because you are limited by your thoughts and by your frame of reference, whereas the universe or the claircognizance in this case has no limits.

So think carefully about what I just said. Which is, what the limitations are on you, as a person, as a human being versus that of the universe. And these limits will start showing up as you start exercising these abilities, and you will realize that you will, you're going to have to revise your frame of reference as you move higher and higher in terms of using these abilities.

So in terms of homework, what I want you to do is go back in time when you had some sort of a deal when things didn't work out. And it could be something like purchasing a gym in February of 2020 or anything which you did in the past five years or ten years.

Did you get any claircognizant thoughts or impulses? And did you listen to it? Or did you ignore it? And what was the result? Like maybe you got an impulse as a yes, move forward, and you moved forward for you didn't move forward, what exactly happened?

And you can go to theuncanny and make a comment on episode 10. And I would love to hear what happened. In either case, none of us are perfect. So it may have either worked out or either not, but the importance is to be able to recognize the signal or the information that claircognizance was trying to give you So that next time it happens, you can leverage that information for the future.

Once again, this is copyrighted material with by Vaishali Nikhade and no part of this broadcast may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means without my written permission. You are welcome to link to it from anywhere and I would encourage you to link to it and share this episode with your friends or whoever else may be interested. And I will talk to you next time.

And I hope that you go back and do the exercise because this is what's going to help you use and leverage these abilities for the future to be able to move forward and kind of bypass the roadblocks or move past them at a rapid pace. So I will see you guys next time.


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S1:EP10 'Claircognizance demystified' audiogram

S1:EP10 'Claircognizance demystified' audiogram

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