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Welcome to The Uncanny link - where physics meets metaphysics.

Learn to understand the subtle signs of Universe you can use for making any decision. You'll be surprised what the Universe reveals....

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The uncanny link podcast

S1: EP27 Magic of repetition

Summary The magic of repetition is that it allows you to plug in the loopholes in the previous attempts and hence get you closer to your desired target.   Vaishali ...

S1: EP26 Intuitive decision making

Summary Using intuition vs. logic to make a decision is just like flexing a muscle. Learn from real life scenarios of how to practice using intuition in real life scenarios ...

S1: EP25 The turning point

Summary Just like a new sunrise produces a new day everyday, taking a new risk or a chance can help you open more doors and propel forward even though it ...
logic vs. intuition | The Uncanny Link podcast

S1: EP24 Peeling the layers

Summary Just like the front pin in bowling can knock off all the other pins when the ball is properly aimed, an intuitive decision can lead to achieving multiple goals ...

S1: EP23 Letting losers go

Summary The most expensive leads in a sales pipeline can be tagged right in the beginning and let go once they continue to exhibit a certain behavior.   Vaishali Nikhade ...
The Uncanny Link | Episode 22

S1: EP22 Reflecting your genius

Summary Most clients are attracted to you for your unique creative genius and intuition is the superpower responsible for helping you conceive it   Vaishali Nikhade 0:03 Hello, everybody, this ...
The uncanny link | episode 21

S1: EP21 Upleveling profits with intuition

Summary By peeling through the layers of intuition, you can determine more exact details for the outcome of a situation.   Vaishali Nikhade 0:02 Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and ...
The Uncanny Link | episode 20

S1: EP20 Observing intuitive guidance

Summary The Universe complies to our request when we seek an answer: intentionally or unintentionally   Vaishali Nikhade 0:02 Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is about observing ...
the uncanny link | disrupting logical patterns

S1: EP19 Disrupting logical patterns

Summary Intuitive decisions follow a more unique, interesting & exciting journey to your milestone as compared to a logical decision...   Vaishali Nikhade 0:04 I am so tired. Do I ...
universe's whispers

S1: EP18 Universe’s subtle direction

Summary The Universe communicates in its own language starting with a soft whisper. If you don't act, the Universe will deliver a tap on the shoulder followed by a slap ...

S1: EP17 Intelligent questions create

Summary To create a desired outcome requires you to think non-linearly, ask intelligent questions and tweak your thought patterns   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:02 To ask the right question ...
logic vs intuition

S1: EP16 The Impulsive instinct

Summary Learn how you can distinguish between logic and intuition, distinct characteristics of the left vs. right brain   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:04 Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and ...

S1: EP15 Clairsentience demystified

Summary Clairsentience is a feeling about an object, person or a situation on what will play out in the near future.   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:02 Hello, everybody, this ...
logic vs intuition

S1: EP14 When logic competes

Summary Intuition will almost always choose a route different than logic to take you to your destination   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:01 Hello, everybody, and welcome. This is Vaishali ...
fine tuning reflects

S1: EP13 Fine tuning reflects

Summary An expert evolves over time by fine tuning each and every aspect of the details   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:01 Hello, everybody and welcome. This is Vaishali and ...
soul translation

S1: EP12 Eye contact speaks

Summary Your soul acts as a translator when you look into someone's eyes.   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:02 Hello, everybody, this is Vaishali and today's episode is all about ...
combining collective intelligence

S1: EP11 Combining collective intelligence

Summary A single sense by itself is limited, the power of collective senses always rules   Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:01 Hello, everybody, and welcome. This is Vaishali and today's ...

S1: EP10 Claircognizance demystified

Summary Claircognizance is to know the essence of the information without knowing the who, what, when, where, why details   Episode Transcript Hello everybody and welcome this is Vaishali and ...
written words whisper

S1: EP9 Written words whisper

Summary The energy from our thoughts get transmitted into the written word   Episode Transcript Hello everybody and welcome. This is Vaishali and today's episode is written words whisper. I ...
Clairaudience whispers

S1: EP8 Clairaudience demystified

Summary Clairaudience is like a soft whisper giving you guidance and clarity in the direction you want to move forward.   Episode Transcript Please note: Timestamps are for reference purpose ...
negotiating contracts using clairvoyance

S1: EP7 It’s all about the reference

Summary Our reference point determines our ability to look at a decision in a unique way. Mismatch in perspectives is caused by different reference points.   Episode Transcript Please note: ...
clairvoyance demystified

S1: EP6 Clairvoyance demystified

Summary Clairvoyant vision is like an ultrasound: it can innocently point to the problem area thus leaving you clues as to what to look for in making a decision. Episode ...
clairvoyant vision

S1: EP5 When metaphysics makes the decision for you

Summary The spirit has all the information to make the decision & all we do is try to justify it at a body level Episode Transcript Vaishali Nikhade 0:00 Hello ...
senses of the spirit

S1: EP4 Five senses are incomplete

Summary Our five human senses are not at all complete in terms of making any decisions. Our spirit knows the information and we try to justify logically Episode Transcript Vaishali ...
subtle signs from the universe

S1: EP3 Subtle signs from the universe

Summary The Universe intervenes and introduces course corrections for us to get to our goal – in the process, it creates a unique journey for everyone Episode Notes Logical thought ...

S1: EP2 Back Story

Summary The podcast was born when the Universe intervened and delivered it right in the palm of my hand. I had no intention to start a podcast even the day ...

S1: EP1 Welcome

Summary Welcome to The Uncanny Link podcast - where physics meets metaphysics or science meets woo - the podcast that can optimize your decision making skills in just under 30 ...

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