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For online course creators & spiritual entrepreneurs to start the New year by pumping new audiences to their list....

The 'New year, New you' giveaway

Leverage other people's audience's to grow your list, traffic, authority, network and influence for a fraction of what it would cost you to do paid ads....

  • Are you sick and tired of spending money on fb ads and find that you still suffer from a 'lack of leads?'
  • Or you are in pain due to the high cost of lead acquisition?
  • Does your business have a consistent 'inflow of leads' or is always gasping for oxygen to generate cashflow...

Enter - The 'New year, New you GIVEAWAY' - leveraging other people's audience's to grow your list, traffic, authority, network and influence for a fraction of what it would cost you to do paid ads....

Want to be a part of our fabulous contributors?

Hop on in, learn what it takes and watch your list grow like magic...


Hello I am by Vaishali and I'll be your host for this giveaway my goal is to help online course creators & entrepreneurs to transform from overwhelmed to thriving...

I bet you have a similar passion to help others in your business which is why I would love for you to join me along with a handful of other Superstar boss Ladies & Gentlemen as we gear up for an amazing giveaway event that is sure to be a win-win for you and your business...

The beauty of this concept is that you get to boost your karma and your email subscription list big time without spending a whole enchilada of money on paid ads....

Interested ?

You will find all the juicy details below and if you have any questions just shoot them over to my email....

If you think you've got what it takes for our participants to love you and all the tools you have to share with them, then you'll love this giveaway...

I hope you will join us want to learn more about me you can find some details about me here

I'm guessing you are a spiritual entrepreneur or online course creator who wants to

Grow your email list

Use the power of community and leverage to exponentially increase your email list for a fraction of the cost and headache associated with paid ads 

Increase your visibility

Get seen by the audience of other entrepreneurs to become a familiar face to them so that they're more likely to become a paid client

Be part of a great event

A giveaway is great event to build your community by leveraging the power of other people's communities...why miss out on the party ?

I am teaming up with over 30 spiritual entrepreneurs & online course creators like you
to help
start 2021 with an inflow of fresh new leads in your inbox
so that
you can watch your bank account grow once the giveaway closes
you make your special offer to your new, freshly minted, eager and hungry to consume list

I would love to have you on board if you help online entrepreneurs to:

Self-help Help them with any self-help techniques so that they can perform at their highest and best in their business Think law of attraction, meditation, time management self-care or anything else to do with self-help
Motivation Help with motivation techniques so that they can overcome any blocks or obstacles in their progress & feel more energized Think planning, meditation, money mindset, energy healing and so on...
Cash flow Help with increasing their cash flow in any way shape or form so that they can smile at the sound of each cha-ching that hits their bank accounts Creating courses, selling with webinars, selling masterclasses, launches, challenges and so on...
Marketing Help with their marketing techniques so that they can better reach their ideal client and increase their income, network and reach Think email automations, funnels, chat bot marketing, blog posts, podcasts, seo, videos, copyrighting, branding and so on....
Social media Help with their social media strategies so that they can be present on any or all of the social media to be found by their ideal client Think fb organic, fb ads, fb groups, fb lives, google seo, google ads, pinterest, instagram, linkedin, twitter and so on....
Visibility Help them with their visibility strategy so that they can overcome the lack of visibility and gain more exposure to be recognized as an authority Think seo, media, video creation, video, fb groups, linkedin groups, speaking, story telling and so on....
Authority Help with authority strategy so that they become the go-to person for their niche and make their business grow and expand to the next level Think book writing, event planning, event hosting and so on....

Here's what you can expect by participating in this giveaway!


Start the new year with fresh new leads in your inbox......because no leads equals no sales....and no sales equals no sleep at night...


Daily inflow of traffic from the giveaway to your optin page.....sit back and watch your google analytics count the number of leads

future love reading

Engaging social media graphics and email swipe copy that leads to the click on the the participants no choice but to optin for the free goodies....

Here are all the dirty details....


This event is geared towards online course creators and spiritual entrepreneurs who need your help. They want to have thriving businesses that make a difference for their audience.

This is for you if you're looking for resources to help them kick start the new year and make it your best year ever as an expert in your niche. You will win over the audience with your giveaway gift valued at least $100.

For instance: mini-course, training guide, audio download, pdf download or any training that will have the audience saying, "wow I have to learn more from her"....and you can head to cha-ching down the road...


If you've never been part of a give away before, the concept is pretty simple. It's entirely up to you what you want to give away.

The only rules are that your gift is valued at the dollar hundred or more and not something you're currently giving away for free.

It could have been free in the past and you're welcome to give it away for free in the future after this event is over...


It's all happening online. I'll take care of the main giveaway site including the marketing materials.

You'll need to set up your opt-in page with visitors that can access the gift and send me the link to the page along with the description of your gift, your headshot and bio and sit back and enjoy the new subscribers come your way....

One more very important detail for this giveaway to be a huge success you need to contact your subscribers at least three times through a solo email only about the giveaway and three times on social media.

You are welcome to do more if you like In fact,  it is highly recommended but this is the absolute minimum.

I won't be monitoring you which is why I always choose participants who I think will have the integrity and will follow through. So if you decide to join, I would love to have you.


Dec 26th through Jan 4th -- Giveaway dates

Dec 2 - Last day to join the giveaway
Dec 9 - Deadline for your head shot, bio
Dec 12 - Deadline for fully functioning optin page
Dec 15 - Promotional swipe copy and images available

Dec 22 - Promo window starts
Dec 26 - Giveaway start date

Dec 22 to Jan 4th - send out at least 3 solo emails for the giveaway
Dec 22 to Jan 4th - post at least 3 times on social media
Dec 27th - Contributor leaderboard posted to this page
Jan 4th - Giveaway ends, celebrate your freshly minted list

Ready to join? Here's what you need to know...


Promo window: Dec 26th to Jan 04th

Contributor fee: Starting at $99...up to $500

Email list: Min of 200 warm subscribers where you email them at least once a week

Commitment: 3 unique emails and 3 social media posts

Immediate upsells: Max upsell allowed on thank you page is $97. No upsells allowed in the funnel until the giveaway is over. All strategy calls and discovery sessions must be conducted after the giveaway ends


If you feel like you'd like to participate to exponentially grow your email list, then click below to reserve your spot & make the payment.

Your spot is not SECURED until the payment is made. We have limited slots for each category and once they fill up, you snooze, you lose.

Please make sure that you can program the emails and social media posts prior to the holidays as well as get your optin and thank you page ready as soon as possible.


Once you make the payment, you'll receive an email with the link to the intake form. We MUST receive your completed intake forms by Dec 12th 2020.

Any applications submitted after this date will not be included in the giveaway. No refunds after the first 48 hours of payment.

Your FAQ's answered

A giveaway event is an event where a group of people get together and promote the event to their list....So, if 50 people with a list of 1000 each promote the event, your gift is potentially exposed to 50,000 people. Think'll end up building a much larger list.

You may include any gift such as a mini-course, a small webinar packed with information, a checklist, a pdf filled with information, an audio file filled with get the idea...The value of the gift should be at least $100....

Only the people who click on your gift will get the giveaway gift. Hence, it's important to make the title and graphic for your giveaway as attractive as possible. The more you stand out, the more likely you are to increase the number of optins.

If you are finding that Facebook ads are too expensive for you, or that you're not in a place when you can start pumping cash out to run Facebook ads to grow your audience, or have tried different methods and things seem to be slow to build up your list, then give away is the way to go.

Use the power of Leverage and build your list based on a collective combination of list of other entrepreneurs.

Not only will you get leads that are less expensive, you will also get leads that are more interested in less time, money and resources than what it takes to do Facebook ads.

How much of your 'so much going on' is producing leads and revenue right now?

You cannot afford to NOT build your list...specially at a fraction of the cost of fb ads. Because, no list, no sales, and no sales is no business.

It will take you a few hours to put everything together and watch your list opposed to doing fb ads and pouring dollars down the drain....


You are allowed to sell something on the thank you page for less than 97 bucks.

If you page converts well, you only need a few sales to get your cost back.

You'll get plenty of leads, so make sure you have a high converting upsell on the thank you page

Need help? Book a call at a time to suit you

I'm happy to chat with you to clear up any questions you may have about the giveaway. You may also pm me on facebook and pop in your question in the chat box.

Spring Ahead Giveaway

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Spring Ahead giveaway

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"New year New you

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"New year New you

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