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The 'New year, New you' giveaway

Congratulations! You are in....welcome to the giveaway. I'm absolutely thrilled that you decided to participate in this giveaway.

By following a few simple steps listed below, you can make the most of the giveaway, draw traffic to your freebie and build your list...


This is where you'll find all the information and promo materials for the giveaway.

If you're in any doubts or find that some of your questions are unanswered, I invite you to reach out to me..

I'm so excited that we're working together...let's roll to make this giveaway pump out leads like an atm machine....

Important dates for the giveaway: please mark your calendars !

Dec 26th through Jan 4th -- Giveaway dates
Dec 2 - last day to join the giveaway

Dec 9 - Deadline for your head shot, bio
Dec 12 - Deadline for fully functioning optin page
Dec 15 - Promotional swipe copy and images available

Dec 22 - Promo window starts
Dec 26 - Giveaway start date
Dec 22 to Jan 4th - send out at least 3 solo emails for the giveaway
Dec 22 to Jan 4th - post at least 3 times on social media

Dec 27th - Contributor leaderboard posted to this page
Jan 4th - Giveaway ends, celebrate your freshly minted list
Jan 8th -Final leaderboard and stats posted to this page

Stuff I need from you by Dec 9th, 2020


Your headshot should be 500x500 pixels at 144dpi or larger.

Your one sentence bio and your website url & your full name as you'd like it to appear on the giveaway page


Gift graphic

Your gift graphic of 500 x 500 pixels at 144 dpi or larger.

Your gift title & value. Your 2-3 sentence max gift description showing benefits and results. Add more details to your optin page.

Intake form

All the material: your headshot, gift graphic should be turned in in the intake form. The link to the intake form is below

Here are all the details for your pages....

Optin page

Your optin page should include

  • Giveaway logo
  • Title of your offer
  • Image of your offer
  • Description of your offer
  • Benefits & takeaways
  • Your headshot & bio

Thank you page

Your thank you page should include

  • Confirmation message for people who have opted in...
  • Details on how to access the giveaway offer...

NO upsells allowed on this page for more than $97



This logo should be on the top fold of your optin page.

Right click the image and hit 'save image as' to save the image and upload it to your site optin page.

Promotional materials...

Email swipe copy

Email #1 -- Send early in the giveaway period -- preferably -- Dec 26, 27

Subject line --

-- Steal these amazing gifts in the new year, new you giveaway
-- New year, new you freebies - grab them while you can
-- Transform 2021 with these new year, new you gifts

Hi [firstname],

Are you ready to get a fresh new start for 2021? 2020 has been quite a year for most people ? With merely a few days left for the new year to start, it's time to make a new plan, learn some new tricks and leverage the experience of some experts who show you a new way to look at things...Maybe you simply need clarity and new way to handle the new year? Or a step toward a mindset shift?

The 'New year, new you Giveaway' is offering a variety of gifts for you right now that address these very things – and I don’t want you to miss out on getting into this.
From mindfulness to communication skills, video tips, and so much more, there are gifts that cover the spectrum of transformation.

My own gift is included – [INSERT YOUR GIFT TITLE HERE] – and I am honored to be among this group of online course creators, business leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are offering up their gifts to help others.
You can find all of the gifts right here: NEW YEAR, NEW YOU GIVEAWAY [HYPERLINK YOUR PERSONAL LINK]

You are sure to find at least two or three things that will make a difference for you – maybe something to fill a hole you didn’t even realize existed!

I hope you’ll grab this opportunity and jump in.


P.S. This unique Giveaway is only open for a short time: Dec 26th to Jan 4th. Access your free gifts right here: NEW YEAR, NEW YOU GIVEAWAY


Email #2 – Send in middle of Giveaway – Dec 30 to Jan 01

Subject line suggestions

-- Want a fresh start to 2021 ? Get these free gifts
-- The most eclectic Giveaway I’ve ever seen
-- Steal these gifts from the New year, new you giveaway

Hi [firstname],

If you ever been glad to get past 2020… or maybe it seems like things are either a whirlwind or standing absolutely still… we just might have something that could help.

An eclectic group of people, including me, have gathered together to create the New year, new you Giveaway [HYPERLINK YOUR PERSONAL LINK], offering you tools, tips, hacks, and strategies to transform personal development, business, or visibility.
I’d love for you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get some terrific freebies.

You can opt-in for as many gifts as you like – any that speak to you and where you are right now. Start on this page (you can see my picture there, too!) -
New year, New you Giveaway [HYPERLINK YOUR PERSONAL LINK]

This may be the most eclectic group of gifts I’ve ever been a part of – and it’s a really fun giveaway with some wonderful gifts. Go ahead and see which ones appeal to you. I’d love to hear which of these gifts you find the most valuable.



Email # 3 -- Send on Jan 3 or Jan 4th

Subject line suggestions –

--Today is the last day (or Tomorrow is the last day, depending on send date)
--Last call for the New year, New you Giveaway
--Get your gifts before they are gone

Hi [firstname],

Today’s the last day for the New year, New you Giveaway [HYPERLINK YOUR PERSONAL LINK]. If you haven’t already jumped in, this is your last chance to get these wonderful gifts.

I don’t want you to miss out on anything that could help you – so I want to be sure you know that it’s the last call. The Giveaway will be closing down tonight.

I’ve gotten many of the gifts myself, and I have to say, I really love the _____________________ and _____________________ especially. Such useful and timely information!

So… this is it. No more reminder emails about this from me. I hope you are able to get in before it is too late.




Social media graphics

Here is the canva file with 9 different images - you can use the image size on any platform:

Canva graphics file

or alternately, you can get the image files from this zip folder here

Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Email me please if you have a problem

Social media posts

We recommend using a link (or whatever link shortener you use) for your personal link in social media posts.

Choose any or all of these posts below and feel free to modify them per your taste.

Is the word alternating between “whirlwind” and “standing still”? Ground yourself with some wonderful gifts from our New year New you Giveaway – all free gifts and all for you. Get the ones you want here: [YOUR PERSONAL LINK – SHORTENED]

Transform your life & business moving into the new year! The gifts being offered in the New year New you Giveaway will help you do just that. I’m honored to be one of the people featured in the giveaway, and I’d love for you to get some of these wonderful gifts for yourself. Check it out here: [YOUR PERSONAL LINK – SHORTENED]

An eclectic group of online course creators, business leaders & spiritual entrepreneurs have assembled an impressive group of gifts – and they can all be yours! From wellness to business predictions to money hacks to visibility tips and more – all are designed to help you transform some aspect of your life. I’d love for you to get in on this! Check it out here: [YOUR PERSONAL LINK – SHORTENED]

Spring Ahead Giveaway

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Spring Ahead giveaway

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"New year New you

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"New year New you

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