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senses of the spirit

S1: EP4 Five senses are incomplete


Our five human senses are not at all complete in terms of making any decisions. Our spirit knows the information and we try to justify logically

Episode Transcript

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Welcome to the uncanny like, where physics meets metaphysics, the podcast that can help you optimize your decision making skills in just under 30 minutes. And I'm your host, Vaishali Nikhade

Hello and welcome back. This is Vaishali and the theme for today's episode is why our five senses are incomplete. We are all human beings. And the word human being is made up of two parts, human and being. So as a human, we have a body and as a being, we have a spirit. Together, as a human being, we are a spirit in our body. So as a spirit in a body, we have senses of the spirit and senses of the body.

Most people are familiar with the senses of the body. Most of us have five senses, which is the sense of sight, the sense of hearing, the sense of taste, the sense of smell, and the sense of touch. These are the five senses.

The senses of the Spirit are known as Clair's. And you may have heard the word clairvoyant or clairaudient or Claire Cognizant. These are all the senses of the Spirit. So clairvoyance is clear seeing, clairaudience is clear hearing and so on.

So for each of these senses, there are sensors. The sensors for the body, are eyes, ears, nose, and skin. And the sensors for the Spirit are what is known as chakras. The sensors for the body and the sensors for the spirit, both work differently.

Let's first get into the sensors for the body. So most of us have two eyes and we can see through those eyes. And as far as our sight is concerned, our vision is actually limited. We can only see what is in front of us. So for instance, if I am sitting in a room, then I can see what is in front of me. And maybe with the peripheral vision, I can see a little bit of what is around me. If I want to see what is behind me, then I have to turn my head back. And I have to look and then I'll be able to see. And if I want to see what's going on in the other room, or what's going on outside, then I have to walk there and take a look with my eyes because my eyes can only see what is in a closed or a confined periphery. This is how the senses of the body work. The senses of the Spirit are very, very different.

The way it works is that for the spirit, the vision of the Spirit, which is known as clairvoyance, it does not have any bounds. It is not limited by the bounds of space. And it is not limited by the bounds of time either.

So in essence, what this means is that the Spirit can sense energy WITHOUT being in the space. So sometimes people may think that Oh, I thought of him and then I got a call from him, or I didn't feel good about that. And I didn't go there and there was an accident on the road.

So it's almost as though the spirit is sensing what is going to happen. And then based on that the Spirit has the knowingness. So, once again, this the sensors of the Spirit, they are not bounded, like the sensors of the body. So what does this have to do with entrepreneurship and decision making?

Essentially, what it means is that there are different levels of awareness as to what happens whenever a breakthrough occurs or whenever a decision is made. Because the sensors of the Spirit are not bound by space And they're not bound by time. They can sense the energy, even before anything happens at a human sensory level.

So even before a decision is made by the body, the spirit already knows what's going on. And then by the time the information reaches the body you, are trying to justify as to why you should be making the decision this way or why you should be making a decision that way.

The spirit senses already have the knowingness for it. And the body is just trying to justify. So the universe is sending us these signals all the time. And it is up to us to be able to capture the information from these signals. So how does the universe send us the signals?

This will be the topic of the next episode where I discuss the The Cosmos to clarity framework. And I hope that you have a little bit of awareness of why our five senses are incomplete on a human level, and why the senses on a spirit level can actually help us capture the information that we are looking for.

And by doing this, we can make a decision that will help us move forward in the right direction or the right path and prevent us from going down the wrong path or running into a bunch of roadblocks.

So in the next episode, we'll take a look at the cosmos to clarity framework where we look at how the universe sends the signals. And then you'll be able to capture the information from the signals and make a decision. Get a breakthrough, that is going to move you forward to the next step.

If you are curious as to how the universe presents us the information at the body level, then go ahead and take the creativity quiz on the uncanny link.com where you'll have real life scenarios to choose from to make a decision.

This will help you understand if you can choose the course of action that will open up a cascade of golden doors, as opposed to landing you in a place where you'll keep running into roadblocks. I'll see you again in the next episode. Once again, it's the uncannylink.com and just hit on the quiz.

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Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and comment on iTunes, overcast or wherever Get your podcasts. You can also get more information on my website, the uncanny link.com

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