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Sick of bleeding money due to a me-too product ?

Unleash your creative genius and channel it in your business to stand out from the competition


working from home, attending online meetings & checking social media

Is this you ?

  • Are you an online business owner  that feels stuck because you just can't seem to convert your clients ANYMORE and... end up spending outrageous amount on buying leads?
  • Do you wonder why some people in your industry easily make six figures and seem to breeze through the sales process and secretly wish this was you ?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who lost opportunities and clients because of covid-19 and want new opportunities ?

Want a proven step by step system to unleash your creative genius & amplify your profits by leveraging your existing products and systems?

About Vaishali

Hey there, I'm Vaishali Nikhade
I discovered the power of creativity by accident... 
You see,I was working on creating a podcast...
Right in the middle of Covid-19...
And I would go on the mountain to workout... 
Which gave me a breath of fresh air ...
And led me to creativity...

vaishali nikhade

After going through about 50 potential podcast names & tossing them in the trash
I came up with an unusual & a distinct name
It led me to a big “aha' moment.....

AHA - what happened ?

When I backtracked the entire process,
I realized what I had done ....
Unleashed my creative genius !
And I'm going to show you exactly why...and exactly how you can DUPLICATE this for yourself and your business!


In five days flat, you'll be able to unleash your creative genius & see it pop in your business...

You'll learn:

  • why your strengths and weaknesses impact your business
  • how your creativity shows up in your product
  • why repetition is the mother of learning
  • how to connect the dots to tweak your products
  • how to unleash your creative genius

All from the information and products you already have
and from your systems that are already in place

Everything you know about your lack of creativity is wrong
and the truth will be spilled in this special five day challenge

vaishali nikhade

Vaishali transitioned from a left brain engineer to a right brain psychic. She leans more on her intuitive side to access her creativity and helps people understand how to tap into their innate gifts of intuition and creativity.

Lack of creativity will lead to a 'me too' product,
Resulting in higher cost to acquire a client,
Which leads to lowering your profits,
And it can potentially crumble your business

Time sensitive – this 5 day live and highly interactive challenge will help you:

  • unleash your creative genius and
  • reveal the secrets to make your product unique & stand out from the competition.....

without having to hire a five figure funnel guru or five figure copywriter and break your bank...

Don't wait another day to get the breakthrough you deserve

Before you make your decision, I gotta say this:
Either you take care of your competition by using your creativity
OR your competition will take care of you

Because of that, you need to STOP WAITING
...for other people's permission to move forward or their opinion on why your business is suffering & not booming
...or, for the day you wake up and feel enough enthusiasm about being 'ready to make changes'

Are you ready?
It's a decision (and it's yours) and I empower you to make that decision right now

Sure, if unleashing your creativity and channeling it in your product to stand out from your competition isn't your jam, click the 'close tab; right now and move on to what lights up your soul like nothing else.But....

If you have a desire to stand out from your competition or get over your frustration of being a 'me too' product
Then say YES to yourself, to your greatness and to this opportunity to make your EPIC BREAKTHROUGH a tangible reality in just five days!

To the massive success and moolah coming your way,



  • Challenge LIVE participation
  • Challenge FB group
  • Challenge VIDEO recordings
  • Priority QUESTION privilege
  • Special VIP day



  • Challenge LIVE participation
  • Challenge FB group
  • Challenge VIDEO recordings
  • Challenge QUESTION privilege
  • Challenge VIP day

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