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Activating Aha !

How to spark an AHA moment in less than 72 hours even if you are a proscrastinator, have creative blocks or low self-esteem

You are an entrepreneur who is selling digital products online
You want to create lifelong fans who eagerly await the release of your product
You want comments, likes, shares......but you also want a lot of sales
You have been told to create a product, find audience and partners to promote it & get a yes by having online engagement
But you have no clue why your sales are so below your expectations
You are not naturally a sleazy salesperson
You are too classy to lose your integrity and you don't want to lie, mislead or force sales on people
But you see the possibilities that come with standing out from the competition, creating a unique niches for yourself and having lifelong fanatic fans

You try
  • You try you hand at re-launching
  • You try dissecting your competitor's copy
  • You try amp'ing up your social media presence
  • You even try online zoom meetings (even though you'd rather swallow a poison pill than appear on camera)
You fail
  • Your relaunch numbers are only very slightly different & you're almost ready to throw up
  • You feel like a failure watching the ugly swan with no skills making six figures
  • You social media engagement barely changes & you have a four figure invoice from the sm expert
  • No one makes even a small mildly gratifying comment or cares about your online zoom presence
  • No one says – I see how unique your talents are, I can share your product with my tribe
  • No one lines up to get what you have too offer and you have nightmares about having a cricket launch
You try yet again
  • You buy some marketing books and try a few tweaks here and there (which are so simple that it doesn't even make sense why these people are gurus)
  • You then switch to messaging and hire copywriters promising that they can convert your audience in less then 3 months for a small easy payment of 3000
  • To which you almost bite your tongue and catch your cellphone from falling out of your hand
You fail yet again

You fail at all of these…
not in a cute funny way but
in a sad, miserable, eyes red with tears,
trickling down your favorite t-shirt way

You sit there

And you sit there..
Wondering: how do all these people do this? The ones with hundreds of live viewers..the one with thousands of comments & hoards of “I love yous”
Pondering: what can you do to get the same frenzy of ...
Grappling: with the possibility that this might never happen
Puzzling: on what else you can do to ...
Doubting: if you will ever have the same kind of engagement that others have, if you will EVER get an AHA moment to tilt the balance to the other side

You don't need to do this anymore...

You don’t need to do this anymore
I HAVE DEVELOPED A SYSTEM that takes away..The need to struggle with procrastination
& keep postponing the date of your launch Because you lack creativity to stand out The problem of no engagement because you are a 'me too'
Because you don't stand out from the competitionThe struggle with getting people to like you and stay with you

It literally & truly takes you from utterly clueless to creative genius
In 72 hours without getting randomly lucky
Introducing: Activating Aha - The most ingenious method to spark an aha without draining the battery of your brain using the C2C f/w

Who am I & why should you listen to me...

I am a creative dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas a minute)
I am a hustler (read: do whatever it takes without spending thousands to make hundreds)
I am an engineer (read: a past life whose braincells & wiring I still use to stand out)
I am an intuitive (read: Universe's accidental path to get me onto be more creative)
I am a podcaster ( read: when Universe lines up synchronicities in your path, you better get them)
I am a nerd ( read: combining science with woo on my podcast in cool and geeky)
I am a nature lover ( read: started using the mountain as my gym once Covid-19 hit)
I am an energy reader ( read: can make out your lies in an email, with your straight face or on a phone call)
I create systems to get consistent results – can't rely on getting lucky once in a while

vaishali nikhade
About Vaishali

I am a left brain engineer who transitioned to a right brain intuitive. I am a host of the podcast 'The Uncanny Link' which shows how physics and metaphysics are interlinked.

I know what you are thinking...

It won't work for me because I am not creative or I am too old or my industry is different
If it was that easy, everyone would be getting aha's everyday
How is this different than buying a creativity book or taking a funnel course that promises me I can make more sales

Product Unique niche product in a class of its own Not focussed on an 'aha' outcome
Process Specifically designed to get you creative to increase your conversions Nothing to do with increasing conversions
Delivery Online workshop where you get a hands-on experience Mostly theory with no practical exercises to come to a conclusion
This is what's included in this life-changing course:

Part I
Developing your own Artficial Intelligence
Module 1: Getting past intelligence so that you'll know that you've had a creative streak before
Module 2: Getting past intelligence using specific events so that you'll know that you've been creative before
Module 3: Creating a mapping to map out your own AI algorithm so that you can access your own uniqueness

Part II
Using AI for the future
Module 1: Getting specific on the problem definition so that you know what exact problem you want to solve
Module 2: Getting specific on the solution desired so that you are laser focussed on getting the outcome you desire
Module 3: Getting the solution so that you can verify that your own little AI machine is working

Part III
Module 1: After-thoughts – open discussion – come and mingle with other students so that you can have some fun
Module 2: What's next...special offer to take next steps forward
Module 3: Party and Q/A....bring a beverage of your choice and have some fun
1. Creativity quotes to inspire you
2. Aiding creativity checklist so that you don't start from nothing
3. Accelerating creativity kit so that you can speed up the process


A common place where your questions are answered.

We have an aiding creativity checklist so that you don't start with nothing !

We'll travel back in your past and access your creative moments – we all have it – sometimes, it just needs awareness to bring it to the surface...

We have an accelerating creativity kit to help you with this very problem...

Just bring yourself without any distractions – take away the cell phone, turn off the social media and make sure you've had food & bring a drink...

In reality, nothing....but it would help if you have done the challenge.

You get a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee...



  • Workshop LIVE participation
  • Facebook group
  • Workshop recordings



  • Workshop LIVE participation
  • Workshop FB group
  • Workshop recordings

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